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GM fixes Silverado Multi-Flex and Sierra MultiPro tailgate issue


When the Chevrolet Silverado Multi-Flex and GMC Sierra Multi-Pro tailgates launched, we all oohed and ahhed over these transformer-esque tailgates that created steps, benches and more. That is until real users started pointing out a huge design flaw.

Recently, Publisher Tim Esterdahl drove a 2022 GMC Sierra, and he has news! General Motors fixed the tailgate issue for both Silverado and Sierra.

The problem

These GM tailgates are pretty darned fancy, and they just seem to keep unfolding like an accordion. First, it’s a tailgate. Then it has a bench. Oh, now it’s a full set of stairs so you can walk right up into the bed of your truck.

Unless you have a ball hitch installed. Then you’re in trouble because the moment you drop that inner section it will hit the ball hitch and possibly dent the tailgate.


GM tailgate issue fixed

Considering how many truck owners pull trailers, the GM tailgate issue with the ball hitch could not continue. So, the designers fitted the receiver with a sensor that tells the truck when a hitch is installed. Then the truck makes sure the mid-section of the tailgate remains locked so it cannot drop down and hit the ball hitch.

While this does keep the tailgate from getting damaged, it doesn’t fix the issue where all the fancy features of this tailgate are useless if you have a hitch installed. We believe these scenarios are what fueled the new Ford tailgate design and made Ram’s multifunction tailgate look a little less awkward.

What do you think? Would you choose a Multi-Flex or Multi-Pro tailgate now that this issue is fixed, or would you opt for the old-fashioned tailgate without all the extra bells and whistles?


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Erica Mueller

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