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It wasn’t too long ago when we first heard word that Chevrolet was giving the Silverado pickup its own iteration of the MultiPro tailgate seen on its GMC-badged sibling the Sierra. Rumors rapidly turned into real-world sightings, and now Chevrolet has revealed (kinda) that the Multi-Flex tailgate is coming to the Silverado.

To avoid any perceived confusion, Chevrolet is not using the MultiPro nameplate and is instead calling its version “Multi-Flex.” While this is not exactly the most creative name on the planet, it does help add some differentiation between the two trucks and establishes a distinct identity.

For those who are familiar with how GMC’s MultiPro works, the Chevy system will be a welcome degree of familiarity. In addition to a single photo, Chevrolet released a brief video clip showing all the same six configurations from MultiPro are present and accounted for.


The bottom line on the Chevy Multi-Flex tailgate

The new tailgate will be available on early 2021 Silverado models, but Chevrolet is not formally unveiling the new feature until September 21.

When that happens, we hope to hear more information on pricing, as well as what Silverado trims can be equipped with the Multi-Flex tailgate.

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