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2020 GMC Sierra AT4 (US Product)

It looks like that there could indeed be some internal changes going on between GM’s two truck brands GMC and Chevrolet. When the current generation Sierra made its debut, GMC wasted no time highlighting all the advantages that the innovative MultiPro tailgate would bring to the truck. Its absence on the Silverado was quickly noticed, and while reports suggested that the feature would come to the Chevy, very little evidence emerged.

But a new report has emerged that has revived the rumor mill in regards to this feature.

The report, released by GM-Trucks, reveals that the trick tailgate is coming to the Silverado, but the publication does not reveal how it retrieved this information. However, it will not be called MultiPro, with the Silverado’s piece being called “MultiFlex.” While this is admittedly not a very creative moniker, it would allow the company to promote the Sierra and the Silverado as different offerings that are targeted towards different consumer groups.

The report also claims the new tailgate would arrive on the scene in January or February of 2021, but COVID-19 related issues could potentially keep it from appearing within that time frame.

In addition to the new name, the arrival of this feature on the Silverado could also be a welcome opportunity to update it for both trucks. This could allow the company to fix a noted flaw with the current MultiPro tailgate, which makes it not work with trailer hitches when used in some of its configurations.

The Silverado is due for a refresh in 2022, and that would be the likely opportunity to introduce MultiFlex to the truck. Dare we dream: It could also be an opportunity for the carbon fiber bed to make the jump from GMC to Chevrolet as well. GM, however, would have to figure out the pricing hurdles associated with such a move, with a current GMC CarbonPro Edition Sierra starting at $66K. That’s very close to the price of a fully decked out Silverado, and that would potentially limit CarbonPro to the range topping High Country trim.

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