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New Ford tailgate: Innovation at its finest?


Just when you thought the tailgate wars were over, Ford files a patent for a new design that seems to combine some of the best features from its current tailgate, Ram’s Multifunction tailgate and Chevy’s Multi-Flex tailgate. Looking at these photos we’re wondering if there is anything left that one could do to a tailgate to make it better or how one could possibly pack more features into a tailgate!

Hinges everywhere

These new tailgates have so many splits and hinges you have to wonder how they’ll hold up over time. Will the elements play a part in the breakdown of all these moving parts? Having seen Ram’s split tailgate we can say that it looks pretty darned sturdy, but we just don’t know how it will look 5, 10 or 15 years down the road.

Wait, is that a new bed-step?

It is clear from these photos and diagrams that the current step in Ford’s tailgate is staying, but it looks like there may be a second step coming in the bumper that would allow one to step up to the bed even when a trailer is attached. Check out the drawing labeled Figure 6 above and let us know if you think this is a step. If it is, it may be a better design than Chevy’s, which some people have reported having trouble with.

When will we see the new Ford tailgate in production?

That is something we can’t answer since these photos and drawings are just from a patent filing, but patent submissions are usually just drawings, and the fact that this one has actual photos gets us excited. Perhaps some of these are already being built and tested.

We tip our hats to CarBuzz for bringing these photos to our attention.

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