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2023 GMC Sierra HD spy photos: New interior and exterior?

2023 GMC Sierra HD spy photos

A little tease goes a long way? (Photo by KGP Photography)

We’re back with even more spy photos, this time of the 2023 GMC Sierra HD. While the vehicle is mostly covered and camouflaged, we’ll have some fun guessing at the changes to come.

After all, they usually hide the things that are changing, right?

Is this an off-road trim?

Look at those wheels. It’s really hard to tell from wheels alone because they could just grab anything for testing. While we don’t spy any skid plates, we think when you see the Rancho shocks in the video, you’ll agree this is probably an AT4 or similar mid-level package.

More changes for the 2023 GMC Sierra HD

It looks like the 2023 GMC Sierra HD may be getting some redesigned headlamps and taillights — and maybe a new front grille. (Boy, do we wish these covered-up trucks had wardrobe malfunctions now and then!)

When it comes to the interior, we’re thinking it will likely be very similar to the makeover the GMC Sierra 1500 is getting. We saw those photos earlier this week, but we’ll show them again in this video!

What isn’t changing

GMC is still using those controversial mirrors. And when it comes to the antenna, it looks like the old style stays for that, too.

From what we can see in the photos, the rear bumper is likely going to be the same or very similar to the outgoing model, and it looks like this one probably had a Multi-Pro Tailgate.

Worth the wait?

With all the delays in truck production, we’re wondering if you might be getting antsy and feeling ready to buy used — or if you think these new trucks will be worth the wait?

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