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Class action lawsuit filed regarding certain Nissan Titan diesel trucks


Nissan stopped providing the Cummins diesel engine in the Titan in 2020, even though it was a popular option for the Nissan Titan as buyers seemed to flock to the diesel option in the Titan XD. And now a class-action lawsuit has been filed for those who bought 2016-2019 Nissan Titan diesel trucks equipped with Cummins 5-liter engines.

The 5.0-liter Cummins turbodiesel V-8 packed a punch with 555 pound-feet of torque and a max towing capacity of 12,830 pounds.

Let’s take a look at the current lawsuit affecting these trucks.

Fuel system contamination

The first part of the lawsuit surrounds the confusing location of the diesel exhaust fluid filler tubes. The technical service bulletin (TSB) for the impacted trucks reads: “CAUTION: Putting Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the diesel fuel system will contaminate the entire system causing permanent damage to system components. DEF contamination requires replacement of the complete diesel fuel system.”

According to the carcomplaints.com report: Nissan dealers were reminded of the damage caused by contaminating the diesel fuel, “IMPORTANT: Diesel fuel contaminated with DEF will damage the complete diesel fuel system and cause many symptoms, including but not limited to the following:”

  • Crank no start
  • Long crank or hard to start
  • Rough idle
  • Low power warning
  • Fuel gauge inoperable or erratic gauge operation
  • Noise from the stage one fuel pump

If you see any of these codes, it’s indicative of a problem related to this TSB:


Lastly, the bulletin informed dealers that an owner will be responsible if they make the mistake of adding diesel exhaust fluid to the diesel fuel tank.

Nissan Titan diesel exhaust fumes

In a separate issue, the class-action lawsuit claims there were diesel exhaust fumes inside the truck’s cabin and a Nissan dealer couldn’t find anything wrong to cause this.

Lawyers representing plaintiffs in this class-action lawsuit make some pretty bold accusations including:

“Because of Nissan’s “misplacement” of the filler tube, Titan truck owners and lessees allegedly overpaid for their trucks, had to make repeated visits to dealerships, had to pay for damage to the fuel systems, and now the trucks allegedly have decreased values.”

Additionally, the plaintiff says Nissan has refused to recall the Titan trucks to prevent customers from making mistakes when adding diesel exhaust fluid.

And the automaker has also refused to recall the trucks to repair the “exhaust and/or HVAC systems which allow exhaust fumes to enter and accumulate in the passenger cabin,” according to the firm behind the class-action lawsuit.

The bottom line on Nissan Titan diesel truck issue

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is always a complicated part of any diesel vehicle. Other automakers have had issues related to DEF, but this one with Nissan seems to have more legs to it.

It seemed that the Cummins name and reputation would also boost the Titan’s reputation, but  the pairing went poorly and didn’t have the end result Nissan would have wanted. In fact, the automaker is no longer going to offer the Titan for sale in Canada, which has us wondering if its days are numbered in the U.S. as well.

To see what’s new for the 2022 Titan, check out our story here.

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Jimmy Dinsmore

Jimmy is News Editor for PickupTruckTalk with an expertise in new vehicles. He is also a Ford Mustang historian having authored the book Mustang by Design (available on Amazon). His second book, about the history of Ford's F-Series truck comes out next year.

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  1. William Hinds March 22, 2022

    I own this truck it’s a 2017 nissan titan turbo xd diesel 5.0 Cummins and I’ve been in the dealership from Florida to Massachusetts with the same fuel issues and problems and they have changed out turbo wire harness and Ll kinds of things and I’m in the dealership again today 3 22 2022 with another fuel problem. Bought the truck brand new it’s a lemon.

    1. Lori Masters February 19, 2023

      I also own a 2017 Nissan Titan with the Cummings engine. It has been in the shop more than I have been able to drive it. I knew nothing about this lawsuit or other peopl having the same issues. I live in ohio and only one dealership within reasonable commuting distance. If you have any info you could share, it what be appreciated.

  2. Audrey Saganna May 27, 2022

    I have a 2016 Nissan Titan Diesel XD with Cummins. It is always in the shop for DEF SYSTEM FAILURE. I am so pissed that the dealership did not mention this recall or lawsuit!! This truck is always in the shop.

  3. James Pilkington June 11, 2022

    I bought the 2016 Titan diesel used in January and have noticed the exhaust fumes in passenger compartment. It actually almost made me pass out the first time. Ridiculous Nissan hasn’t recalled to fix this issue and ai wish I would have known about this before buying.

  4. David Grigg October 6, 2022

    Bad exhaust fumes ,oil leak ,loss of power and have to add water every few months
    2016 Nissan Titan hate this truck. Also when I bought it when it said add DEF it was 25% left. After 4 visits to dealer it now says 45% left

  5. Brian November 22, 2022

    If you cant differentiate between a small blue cap and a large green cap it isnt the manufacturers fault. If you’re gonna put def in the gas tank it doesnt matter where thw DEF filler us. Other teuck also has the DEF tank filler bext to the fuel cap. So that one is the operators faukt, jot the manufacturer. The rest, however, is the manufacturers fault.

  6. Wilfred salazar January 13, 2023

    Have a 2016 titan xd Cummins having fuel syptom problems my cell is 5053698886

  7. L.Geyer March 9, 2023

    i have a 2016 Titan XD PR. “Warning Def Sensor Error See Dealer” light cam on last weekend. I have only owned this Truck about 1 1/2 years. The warranty book and the Nissan North America site says 96 months / 80,000 miles on the Emission System. Nissan is not wanting to honor that warranty.

  8. Anna March 28, 2023

    Bought a 2016 Titan XD with the Cummings. From someone in PA. We live in SE VA. After about 2,000 miles DEF warning lights, 200 miles to 5mph. So we tried all the different things people have done to “reset”, check the pump, drained and put new DEF. Nothing changed. Dealer ship diagnosis came up with the DEF tank needed to be replaced. Didnt know how far out so my husband contacted Consumer Affairs. All of a sudden one arrived but the wrong one. There is supposedly two different tanks in this yr. All of this should’ve been a recall no doubt after reading everything NOW! Consumer Affairs said no “good will” because the truck was over 100,000 miles. We bought it with over 100,000 miles on it.
    My husband pulls a heavy trailer so right now almost two weeks of working on a minimal scale and we have to pay $2000 for it to be fixed! Hes ready to fix and sell it and sell my Armada too just to get away from Nissan!


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