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Redesigned Tesla Cybertruck leaked, still looks like a steel fridge


One comment on a leaked video of the redesigned Tesla Cybertruck sums it up pretty well: “It looks like a stainless steel refrigerator.”

Despite going through some design and engineering changes, the all-steel exterior remains on the much-delayed Cybertruck. However, a video and corresponding photos from the YouTube Channel Cybertruck Owners Club shows some changes that may help get the Cybertruck closer to approval, but there are still some items that remain problematic.

Where are the door handles?

In the video, the person asks this question, and it’s a good one. Apparently the grand plan for the Cybertruck is to have it open via an app on the phone. That’s cool and and all, but I believe this will still fail IIHS standards as it would not allow for emergency entry by rescue personnel in the event of an accident.

Not to mention the fact, um, what if your phone battery dies or there’s some kind of glitch in the system? Where’s the failsafe to enter? Even car doors using key-fob entry have actual keys with actual slots on the door handle as a just-in-case.

This is where thinking out of the box sometimes skews you away from reality.

One big wiper for the Tesla Cybertruck

Across the angular windshield, which may or may not be bulletproof glass, there’s a giant wiper. Just one mechanism that is large and pronounced and well, ugly. We had heard that this was one area that Tesla had to go back to the engineers in order to get the Cybertruck out of prototype and to get it approved for governmental standards.

Great, but does it actually span the entire windshield? The person shooting the video doesn’t think so.

That wheel gap and those wheel wells

The chiseled out of steel vibe is what Tesla is perhaps going for with the look of the Cybertruck. So, then it seem disappointing that cheap-looking plastic slapped on and snapped together above the wheels detract from the looks. Plus, there’s a huge gap in the wheel well to these plastic-looking pieces.

It looks poorly assembled. The industry term for this is “fit and finish,” and this here is less than desirable.

Hey look side mirrors, finally

Kudos to Tesla for giving in on adding side mirrors. The initial Cybertruck didn’t have side mirrors, and there was talk of cameras or something to cover this major safety feature. However, the Cybertruck would likely not pass U.S. safety regulations without the mirrors.

This will rankle some of the diehard Tesla fans who wanted it sleek and aerodynamic, but some things are necessary and can’t be replaced with technology. Sorry, Elon, it’s true.

Is that a grille or Robocop?

I heard a cop say the redesigned front fascia looks like Robocop and now I can’t unsee that. While the Cybertruck gets an A for boldness and distinction, it fails in so many other ways, for me.

The quirky looks of the Cybertruck will resonate with many — I can’t argue that — but it will be repellent to many others. The grille, without the headlights on looks incomplete. With the headlights on, we can accept it as pretty cool.

That tailgate though

My guess is, if you like the grille, you’ll like the futuristic tailgate. But lacking a bumper or even a logo is hard for the eye to accept. I’m not sure the lack of a real bumper will even clear through safety protocols. In the video, it says the tailgate drops down with the push of a button, and even lets air (hydraulics) out to lower the truck down, so the gate can touch the ground and turn into a ramp.

This would allow a four wheeler or motorcycle to drive up and load into the bed, and that’s actually pretty revolutionary. Of all the things we don’t like about the Cybertruck, the tailgate is the least offensive.

But even Rivian is going more mainstream and a little more “true pickup” with the R1T’s tailgate.

The bottom line on the redesigned Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is divisive and is certainly a love-hate proposition. There’s no middle ground on this futuristic, steel-plated, all-electric “pickup” truck. Then again, Tesla has always operated as an outlier and a disruptor, and nothing is more of an outlier than the Cybertruck.

This latest prototype still needs refinement, and maybe Tesla should let someone who has actual truck-design experience give it a shot — rather than someone who may have been tripping on mushrooms.

Photo is courtesy of the website Cybertruck Owners Club. There’s some great comments and feedback on this site from the big fans to those who agree with me that this is a total miss. But what do you think? Yay or nay? Comment below.

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