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Tesla Cybertruck further delayed; smaller version coming?


It’s now been almost three years since Elon Musk revealed his futuristic, Mad-Max looking Tesla Cybertruck. Three long years. This was pre-pandemic folks! And now, according to a new report, production of the Cybertruck has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2023.

So what’s up with yet another delay? Well, it seems like a combination of several things — including supply-chain issues.

Musk himself Tweeted late in 2021: “Oh man, this year has been such a supply chain nightmare & it’s not over!”

Many manufacturers have had similar issues with supply-chain shortages, and with the Cybertruck having so much metal on it, that’s been an industry deeply impacted by supply-chain issues.

Tesla Cybertruck has a weight issue

There’s little to no doubt that the Cybertruck will be fast. Perhaps even too fast. But at its current look and design, the weight of this truck will hold it back from achieving the range it wants. Plus, there’s that steel shortage going on that is holding up the production.

According to Teslarati, Musk has found a steel supplier to help alleviate the big hold up. A company named Steel Dynamics, which is located near the Tesla GigaFactory in Texas, will be the main supplier. If this report is true, Tesla may have found a way around one major hurdle, but how can they work to reduce the weight of this behemoth all-electric truck?

A smaller Cybertruck is a possibility

In that same story from Teslarati, an in-the-know insider predicts that the delay for the Cybertruck is more than just related to the steel and weight, but that the Cybertruck is going through some significant changes. That insider predicted a “re-reveal” of the Cybertruck sometime in spring of this year (likely as early as March).

The new-look Cybertruck may address some of the things that have held it back — including the side mirrors (or lack thereof), the windshield wipers and other safety issues that will not clear through governmental regulations.

Another rumor swirls around a second version of the Cybertruck being designed that is up to 20% smaller than the original. This could be a big deal and help Tesla offer two variants of the Cybertruck with varying range and performance.

The bottom line on the Tesla Cybertruck

There is not a more polarizing vehicle in modern history than the Tesla Cybertruck. It has its die hard fans, and it has plenty of detractors. It seems no matter what news comes out, good or bad, neither side gets its opinion changed. I will say a smaller Cybertruck, which is perhaps less goofy looking, would be the way to go for Tesla. As such, I’m in the skeptical camp as to whether we ever actually see the Cybertruck in its original Mad Max-like state. Time will tell.

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