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2022 Toyota Tundra vs 2022 GMC Canyon: Mismatched or expertly paired?


In this video, we compare the 2022 Toyota Tundra vs 2022 GMC Canyon. If you’re thinking: Wait, one is a midsize truck and one is a full-size truck; this is like apples to oranges — hold onto your hats. They are closer than they appear. Watch now if you are shopping for either a 2022 Tundra or a 2022 Canyon because Publisher Tim Esterdahl is going to highlight all the pros and cons of each.

2022 Toyota Tundra vs 2022 GMC Canyon

When parked next to each other these trucks don’t seem to be that different in size. Sure, the interior of the Canyon feels a bit smaller, especially in the back seat, but there is very little noticeable size difference on the outside. Another surprise is the payload and tow capacity of these trucks is pretty similar. While the Tundra’s total tow capacity is larger, (11k pounds) the payload capacity goes way down when the truck is full, meaning you could be limited to one person in the cab if you’re towing at the max. On the flip side, the Canyon could still accommodate 3-4 people or a driver and a good amount of cargo in the bed while towing up to 7k pounds.

Esterdahl explains all this in his video below and why you might actually choose the Canyon over the Tundra for certain things.

Offroading is another place where the Canyon shines. Its smaller size makes it easier to get in and out of tight areas and a lot of offroaders prefer smaller trucks. This one happens to come with beefier tires, too, which lend themselves well to off-pavement activities.

The Tundra wins with extra headroom and legroom for all the passengers, a quieter smoother ride thanks to the new coil link suspension, a twin-turbo engine for faster off-the-line start and off-road technology, such as crawl control and multi-terrain select modes.

2022 Toyota Tundra Limited with TRD off-road package

2022 GMC Canyon AT4

  • priced at $46k
  • rockrails
  • spray in bedliner
  • more aggressive tire tread
  • lower tailgate (2-3inches shorter) with bumper step
  • easier on narrow trails, easier to fit in the garage
  • uncomfortable seats

What do you think?

With a $15k price difference between these trucks and most of the Tundra’s pros having to do with more space, which one would you choose?

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