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2022 Toyota Tundra moonroof upgrade, roll-down rear window returns


With just a few months left before the official launch of the 2022 Toyota Tundra we are eating up the teaser images and videos Toyota has been sharing. This truck is due for a major update, and we think truck fans everywhere are expecting to see some big changes. This week the teaser is a 16-second video showing the 2022 Tundra moonroof as a dual-pane panoramic feature.

It also lets us know the rear window that rolls down is still a thing for the 2022 model.

Why we love the rear window on the Tundra

Besides for the fact that you can roll the window down to let in the fresh air, publisher Tim Esterdahl says this feature comes in handy when you’re hauling longer lumber because you can slide the wood up into the cab a bit instead of having it hang over the back of the bed. Pretty nifty.

This roll-down rear window is a unique feature for the Tundra, and in the past has only been offered on the crew cab trucks. We are eager to see if the shape of the double cab will be modified to allow for a roll-down rear window on that model, too.

2022 Tundra moonroof

Who doesn’t love a big panoramic moonroof? OK, we know that’s a dangerous question. A lot of people just don’t care, but we think having the option to get one is pretty cool. When the weather is nice a big moonroof can let in some extra light, making the entire cabin feel much roomier. From this video, we can see that the front panel of the moonroof will retract to allow fresh air to come in as well.

What do you think? Are you excited about that dual-panel moonroof, and do you like the roll-down rear window?

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