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For anyone thinking the Ford F-150 hybrid with Pro Power Onboard is just a gimmick, Ford Motor Co. proves otherwise with its latest relief effort in Kentucky. After one of the worst tornado outbreaks in our country’s history last week, Ford’s philanthropic division, Ford Fund, supported relief efforts by deploying six 2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoosts to the region that was afflicted with damage.

Since many of these areas have no electricity, so the F-150’s PowerBoost is helping to provide power to relief sites.

Ford Fund is joining forces with several nonprofits including the American Red Cross, Team Rubicon and ToolBank USA to lend the F-150 hybrid pickups wherever they’re needed.

F-150 to the rescue

This isn’t the first time that Ford has deployed F-150 hybrids to areas of need. Last winter, when the Texas area was hit with an unprecedented ice storm that knocked out power, Ford also showcased the ability of the 7.2 kW Pro Onboard Generator. We explained how this technology works in a YouTube video and how it helped Texans in their time of need.

Then when publisher Tim Esterdahl lost power at his house, he used his own F-150 hybrid to restore power to his house. The video demonstration shows just what a resource the Pro Onboard generator can be in times of emergency.

How much can Pro Onboard Generator power?

There are three levels of generators available on the Ford F-150. And yes, even the non-hybrid F-150s have a smaller 2.0 kW generator available.

A 2.4-kW generator is standard on the 3.5-liter PowerBoost hybrid F-150, but the aforementioned 7.2-kW generator is an available option on the hybrid.

The 7.2 kW generator comes with four 120V 20A, one NEMA L14-30R 240V 30A and has 32-hour maximum run time on a full tank of gas.

The Ford F-150s that have been deployed to the tornado-damaged areas are equipped with the 7.2-kW generator and will be used to power-up work sites which will aid in clean-up efforts and provide power for places being used as shelters for victims.

The bottom line on F-150 hybrid generator

Ford is certainly using these relief efforts to showcase the capability of its new hybrid truck. We don’t have a problem with that, as Ford is also contributing $125,000 to aid response and rebuilding efforts in the afflicted states. Ford Fund also contributes $500,000 each year to the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program.

Employees at Kentucky Truck Plant (KTP) and Louisville Assembly Plant (LAP) which are near one of the most tornado-ravaged areas have taken up donations of both money, food and hygiene products as well.

During times of need, this kind of attitude is necessary. And it’s also nice to have the power of the Pro Onboard Generator available in times of need.

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