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2022 Ford Ranger makes a big ‘Splash’ with new package


The ’90s were one of the best decades of our lifetime. So much pop culture! So many influences! Therefore, fans of the Ford Ranger should rejoice as the much-loved special appearance package called Splash is coming back on a limited basis for the 2022 Ranger.

The Ranger Splash Package includes distinctive orange-and-black body-side graphics, unique matte black wheels, orange-and-black trim and specially designed seats. Talk about a throwback!

“Ranger customers love to personalize their trucks – more than 80% customize their Ranger with an appearance package – and with Splash, we’re giving them something exclusive,” said Chad Callandar, Ford Ranger marketing manager. “Every few months, we’re going to roll out another exterior color for Ranger that will be offered one time only and in very limited quantities.”

Ford Ranger Splash packages

The Splash Package will only be available for the Ranger during the 2022 model year. The limited availability combined with only two available styles means these Rangers could become collectible. The two styles are Splash Package and Splash Package Limited.

Ford says the Splash Package comes with body-side orange and black graphics and special 18-inch, 12-spoke wheels finished in matte black. Inside the Splash Package Ranger there will be seats with matching orange stitching along with carbon fiber accents. For the Lariat trim, the seats will be leather. The same matching orange stitching continues on the steering wheel, gear shifter and parking brake boot, according to information from Ford.

The Lariat trim of the Splash Package will also get orange stitching on the armrests and along the dash to complete the look, and certainly to show a lot of personality.

As for the other Splash option, known as Splash Limited Edition, this will be even more exclusive (as the name insinuates) with Ford releasing just a few hundred of these vehicles each quarter. Highlights of the Splash Limited Edition one-time-only colors, 18-inch matte black wheels and the familiar Splash exterior and interior markings. The first offering of the Splash Limited Edition is called Snow Edition and will be available during the first quarter of the 2022 Ranger sales cycle.

Ford confirms that customers will be able to add the FX2 and FX4 Package with the Splash packages to customize their 2022 Ranger. Ford says Ranger Splash Package will be available for SuperCrew models optioned in XLT and Lariat trim series, priced at $1,495 with deliveries starting at the end of this year.

Bottom line on the 2022 Ford Ranger Splash

Anything that brings back the 1990s is a good thing in my book. A good friend of mine in high school had a Splash Ranger and he loved it. So I’m feeling a little reminiscent with this news. I may just put on a flannel, crank up some Alice in Chains and remember a simpler time in life.

Kudos to Ford for offering this throwback styling to today’s Ranger. It was a truck that needed a little bump in prestige, since it has been overshadowed by a new F-150, the rebirth of the Bronco and the launch of the Ford Maverick pickup. Ford certainly has made a Splash with this news.

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