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How much smaller is it? Ford Maverick, Ranger size comparison

Ford Maverick Ranger size comparison
Check out the video below for some awesome Ford Maverick Ranger size comparison photos. (Photo by Tim Esterdahl)

We’re back with even more spy photos of the new Ford Maverick. This time it is being shown beside the midsize Ford Ranger for a good Maverick / Ranger size comparison.

A few things we’re expecting…

This little truck will probably come with two engine options, a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder and a slightly larger 3.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. What we probably won’t see: A hybrid version of this truck.

Because this truck is supposed to be budget-friendly, we’re thinking the highest trim level will probably be a Lariat, which we hope comes in around $25k. Other variants will likely include the base, which is an XL, and an XLT.

Most people are expecting the Maverick’s fuel economy to resemble Ford Bronco Sport, which is around 25 MPG.

Publisher Tim Esterdahl says he thinks the Maverick’s towing capacity will probably be around 3,500 pounds, which is a little more than the Bronco Sport.

When it comes to cab options, a single cab with a longer bed probably won’t be offered, but we’d expect to see both a King Cab and Crew Cab offering.

Maverick / Ranger size comparison

From these photos, the Maverick looks 8 to 12 inches shorter than the Ranger. Plus, everything from the door handles to the ground clearance is lower. Also, the wheels are smaller.

There will still be tow hitch for trailering, but the rear bumper is different than the Ranger and F-150, with no step. We’re not really sure why this is unless it’s just so much lower that you don’t need that little step down in the center to boost yourself up to reach into the bed.

Ford’s large, medium and small truck lineup

From the spy shots we’ve seen so far, the Ford Maverick looks like it will be a great handyman-sized truck that will fit in a standard home garage. What do you think?

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