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2022 Ford Ranger spied: What’s changing for this midsize truck?


It’s always an exciting day at Pickup Truck +SUV Talk when a new set of spy photos comes in. Here’s a sneak peek at the 2022 Ford Ranger — or will it be the 2023? Check out the video below for all the great images we have to share!

What do we know?

It’s always hard to know anything for sure when you’re looking at a camouflaged vehicle, but Publisher Tim Esterdahl is pretty good at picking out the differences between the mystery truck and the lead vehicle which is a current year model.

One of these differences is the tailpipe. On the current Ranger, the exhaust comes out to the side. This is a pretty common setup. But on the new truck it appears the tailpipe comes straight out the back. Hmm, what is Ford doing here?

It also looks like the front-end of the 2022 Ford Ranger may be getting a facelift. It appears to have a twin bar across the front and c-channel headlamps like the F-150. If so, this would be a more American-looking Ranger vs the outgoing model, which was based on a European design.

The pictured mystery truck is a crew cab with tracks on the top. That should look nice! We’re also thinking the tires on this truck may be about a 1/2 inch larger than the normal tires on the 2021 model. Esterdahl mentioned maybe this is an off-road variant?

Size-wise, the new 2022 Ford Ranger looks about the same as the 2021.

Rumors and spectulations

All anyone can really do at this point is guess. Will there be a hybrid or a diesel version? How about a 2.7L engine like the Bronco? Will we see a Raptor variant?

Esterdahl isn’t too optimistic about a hybrid version simply because it would add so much to the price of the truck that it probably wouldn’t be worth it. The midsize truck’s fuel economy is already decent and people may not be willing to pay an additional $3k for a hybrid truck when the starting price is likely to be around $30k. But we’ll see!

Power on-board would be a nice addition. And it wouldn’t be hard to give customers a 2.0-kilowatt hookup. But once again, this would add to the price of the truck. Sure would be a great option, though!

What do you think? Will the Ranger be getting a new interior? The F-150 did recently, and the Bronco’s interior is really cool. Will the Ranger get the refresh too?

2022 Ford Ranger or 2023 Ford Ranger?

Between the semiconductor shortage, seat foam shortages and now rumors of tire shortages, when we will actually see this truck launch? TBD.


Editor’s note: Spy photos on this page are courtesy of KGP Photography.

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