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Crawl control and more coming to 2022 Toyota Tundra


As Toyota gears up to reveal its 2022 Tundra, the automaker has been doling out an assortment of images one by one, building consumer interest in the new truck. Today, Toyota revealed a next-gen Tundra teaser collage (don’t miss the gallery below with the images cropped separately), drawing out the tease before it hits dealer lots in December 2021.

This time, we see some new features as well as the seat styling.

Crawl Control & more 

Much like the other photos we have seen, the focus seems to be on several new styling features. This time, we get a closer look at the red-colored seats being offered in the TRD Pro trim with a combination of what appears to be flat leather as well as perforated leather to allow for heating and cooling.

Also, we get our first look at a turn dial for selecting different drive modes including Multi-Terrain Select (much like the Ford Bronco’s GOAT modes), tow/haul, downhill assist and Crawl Control. The Crawl Control feature has been a well-received part of the Tacoma and 4Runner lineup of vehicles, and it is a notable addition to the Tundra. However, it remains to be seen if the Tundra TRD Pro will come with a standard rear locking differential to compliment these systems like the other aforementioned vehicles.

Finally, we got a look at the wireless charging pad, which seems to be to the right of a console shifter and above the cup holders as well as closer to the passenger seat. This charging pad has become one of those available features in most new vehicles and is really handy for easy cell phone charging.

The bottom line on the 2022 Tundra

More teaser images means a new 2022 Toyota Tundra is coming soon. We know it should be in production by November and on dealer lots in December. While the powertrain, price and the full trim lineup of the truck remain to be seen, the teaser images definitely have us curious on what Toyota is up to with their full-size truck.

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