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2021 Nissan Rogue

2021 Nissan Rogue

When Nissan first unleashed the 2021 Rogue, it was pretty clear that the company was eying the model to be a solid value player in its SUV lineup thanks to its futuristic styling, as well as a greater emphasis on in vehicle technology. With the Rogue expected to make its way to showrooms later this month, the company has unveiled the official pricing ladder for the Rogue.


Take a moment to look through all the numbers, and you’ll discover that the SUV will still be a very strong value play, with Nissan boasting a healthy amount of standard equipment to go along with the pricing. Our very own Jill Ciminillo already gave us a compelling look into some of the cool things that the Rogue brings to the table here, but here’s the full pricing rundown which can be seen below.

Rogue S FWD

$25,650 USD

Rogue SV FWD

$27,340 USD

Rogue SL FWD

$32,000 USD

Rogue Platinum FWD

$35,430 USD

Rogue S AWD

$27,050 USD

Rogue SV AWD

$28,740 USD

Rogue SL AWD

$33,400 USD

Rogue Platinum AWD

$36,830 USD


In addition to the standard amount of equipment on hand, Nissan is also offering two different option packages that buyers can equip to their Rogue purchase, with a $2,660 SV Premium package and a $1,320 Premium package for SL grade Rogues that aim to add more equipment and technology to these two trims. 

Nissan claims that the 2021 Rogue is a true “family hub” that’s designed to provide comfort and utility to both first and second row passengers. We look forward to finding out just how successfully the Rogue manages to do this out in the real world, but with Nissans Intelligent Key system now opening the front and rear doors, as well as standard tri-zone climate control, look for the Rogue to be more family friendly than ever.


Look for the first examples to make their way to dealerships later this month.  


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