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Mil-Spec rolls out 675 horsepower F-150 Intrepid package, calls out TRX


It’s not too often that we hear from the folks at Mil-Spec Automotive. The Michigan-based tuner is typically better known for the wild resto-mods it does to the venerable Hummer H1, with some of them even being equipped with souped-up diesel engines and pure EV powertrains.

But the company also explores other avenues of achieving optimal levels of performance and that includes the Ford F-150. But with the next-generation F-150 waiting in the wings, Mil-Spec has upped the volume on the outgoing one, and has revealed that buyers can add one final infusion of power to their custom rig.

Clearly targeted at the enthusiast that constantly reads rumors about the next-generation Raptor getting a V-8, the F-150 Intrepid package brings a lot of new technology and swagger to the table. Designed to be the most powerful pickup conversion that the company has ever produced, the truck certainly does not disappoint in this regard, with the model being powered by a highly modified version of the familiar 5.0-liter V-8.

Power here has been noticeably increased, with occupants having access to 675 horsepower versus the 500 horsepower commonly seen in the firm’s other F-150 offerings. While it’s unknown what transmission is feeding power to all four wheels, we have reason to suspect it’s most likely the familiar 10-speed automatic.

Mil-Spec was also cagey about whether any boosting agents are involved here, but with the 5.0-liter V-8 already being a stout unit for such an application, we suspect that a supercharger is possibly in play. 

In addition to the massive amount of muscle lurking under the hood, the new package also has the style to back up the checks written by its performance hardware.

The company is capable of adding the package to any F-150 (from FX4 to even a range topping Platinum), but the styling enhancements do share a core theme, with Mil-Spec opting for a trail-busting Baja truck look. That’s done with fiberglass pre-runner style fenders that allow the company to equip the truck with 37-inch off-road tires which are then wrapped around 20-inch Black Rhino wheels. An optional Baja Performance Suspension package helps provide the ground clearance needed for trail busting, and it even brings Fox 3.0 remote reservoir coil over shocks, and other suspension hardware to beef the truck up for the rigors of trail work. 

Th exterior styling also looks ready for battle too, with the front and rear bumpers being pitched for Desert Designs sourced steel bumpers. The front grille is a pure custom piece, with a prominently placed Mil-Spec aluminum badge, and custom graphics for the rear fender and the tailgate.

Pricing for the Mil-Spec F-150 lineup begins at $89,500 with the Intrepid Package adding $14,000 to the price along with the $6,000 Baja Performance Suspension Package and the $8,600 Baja Exterior Package. All told, it adds up to a whopping $118,100 before other minor extras are added into the mix.

That figure does depend on the price of the donor truck involved, but the amount of performance and style on hand is certainly worth every penny, and we look forward to seeing a duel between the Mil-Spec and the Ram Rebel TRX on a worthy section of trail.    

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