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Mil-Spec Unveils Newest H1 Creation, Maximizing Torque and Fuel Capacity For Off-Roading Prowess


It’s no secret that Hummer is rapidly powering towards an electrified future, with the brand recently being revived by GM for use as a sub-brand on an upcoming electrified pickup that will be sold under the GMC banner. The unnamed truck promises to bring state of the art technology and driving range to the fore-front of truck buyers. But what if you are a fan of old school Hummers, and find this latest interpretation of the fabled off-roading brand offensive? If so, the folks at Michigan based Mil-Spec may have something that will satiate your unfulfilled Hummer related desires. 

Like the rest of their lineup, their latest offering is based on the Hummer H1, but unlike their prior creations, this one builds upon all the things that the company has learned from their prior creations, and the end result is a custom H1 that is bigger and badder than ever before. This is apparent when you look under the hood, with the newest member of the Mil-Spec H1 family being powered by a 6.6 liter Duramax turbodiesel that is good for 500 horsepower, and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. That latter figure is massive, and puts it in the same territory as properly equipped 2020 Ram Heavy Duty diesel trucks. The major addition this go around is the addition of an all new 30 gallon extended range aluminum fuel cell for long distance overlanding trips. Buyers also gets a Deep Sky Black Kevlar polyurethane infused exterior coating that is infused with semi-gloss black powder coated accents for a sinister look.

The interior of the this custom does not stray too far from some of its predecessors, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s still an H1 underneath all the custom work, so naturally the cabin does make some sacrifices in ergonomics. However, Mil-Spec made sure to not skimp on luxury, and have equipped this creation with a full leather interior, a JL audio sourced radio and sound system, as well as revised gauges. The full suite of upgrades crammed into this monster is quite extensive, but it translates nicely into a very distinctive vehicle that should do a good job of turning heads every time it drives by.


Pricing for this version of the Mil-Spec H1 starts at $300,000, with options and other goodies raising the price accordingly. While that figure is a princely sum, we cannot think of a better way to celebrate a jackpot at the casino, or hitting it big in the lottery than purchasing one of these beasts for yourself.    

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