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It was only a matter of time before an aftershock would reverberate through Ford dealerships. The initial quake began with the Tremor Super Duty, which was designed to be a direct response to the Ram 2500 Power Wagon. It brought plenty of new off-road upgrades and swagger to the rig, but it also made Ranger owners want a similar package of their own.

Ford has answered the call with the all-new Tremor model, and here’s four important things to know about Ranger’s newest addition to the Richter scale.

It’s the most capable Ranger yet

With the Raptor version still not coming to our shores, the Tremor is the most off-road-focused Ranger model you can currently buy in the U.S. It all begins with a slight suspension lift that also comes with redesigned front suspension knuckles and 32-inch Continental General Grabber tires mounted on 17-inch Magnetic painted wheels. The combination helps create 9.7 inches of ground clearance, which is 0.8 inches more than a base SuperCrew 4×4 model.

Fox 2.0 monotube dampers with remote rear reservoirs and hydraulic rebound stops are also along for the ride, and Ford claims that they have been tuned to generate a comfortable ride on pavement but still deliver a high degree of control and poise over challenging trails.

A revised anti-roll bar setup helps improve off-road comfort and reduces excessive disruption when out in the wild. The suspension also boasts enhanced levels of travel, with the front suspension boasting 6.1 inches of travel, and the rear checking in at 8.1 inches of enhanced travel. The Tremor also boosts other key figures, with the truck featuring a 30.9 inch approach angle (up 2.2 degrees from the base model), a 25.5 degree departure angle and a 24.2 degree breakover angle (a gain of 2.7 degrees).

Performance for the Tremor is shared with other variants, which means it’s powered by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 273 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. Those figures are a step behind some of its off-road focused rivals, but we suspect the suspension upgrades will at least give the truck a fighting chance when it comes to conquering obstacles far beyond the reach of traditional pavement.

Supporting cast of upgrades enhances off-road credentials

In addition to the aforementioned suspension improvements, the Tremor also boasts a suite of other upgrades designed to enhance off-road durability. All Tremors come equipped with a frame-mounted steel bash plate and underbody skid plates designed to help protect the truck’s innards from rogue pieces of debris or even stray rocks.

A rear locking differential is also on board, and the Ranger’s Terrain Management System has been tweaked slightly for Tremor duty. Ford claims that the traction control system in the Tremor has been recalibrated for improved acceleration when going through gravel, which means high-speed runs through flat washes are now possible. The Tremor even comes with a set of hoop steps that help shorter occupants get into the truck easier but without sacrificing precious ground clearance.

“Tremor gives Ranger customers a new level of off-road confidence and fun,” said Chad Callander, Ford Ranger marketing manager. “With increased ground clearance, off-road tuned suspension and aggressive Continental General Grabber tires, Tremor elevates Ranger’s off-roading capability even further while keeping the unique advantages that come with a cargo box for hauling gear anywhere.”

Rugged exterior and interior styling

The extensive off-road upgrades are a welcome treat for Ranger fans, but they wouldn’t mean much if the truck didn’t have the styling chops to back up its new capability. While the core design doesn’t change too much, the Tremor stands out with a whole host of exterior and interior upgrades.

The front fascia features a dark surround for the front grille with the piece itself featuring two black bars running across the middle and small red accents in the corners. Tremor exclusive badging is added to both sides of the cargo box, while two new front-mounted tow hooks join the existing ones on the rear to help provide more flexibility in rescuing the truck should it get stuck on a rough obstacle

Unlike the exterior, the interior gets a lighter suite of changes with the Tremor featuring supple Miko leather seats with embroidered Tremor logo on the seat backs, as well as splashes of black accents in select spots. The end result is a cabin that’s more expressive and special than the Colorado ZR2 and allows the truck to be somewhat closer to the Tacoma TRD Pro in terms of interior quality.

Ranger Tremor adds more personalization opportunities

Like its platform mate the Ford Bronco, the Ranger is also an extremely flexible subject for vehicle customization. While the pool of accessories is not quite as massive as those in the SUV, buyers can still choose from more than 200 different pieces of equipment including winches, air compressors, independent LED lighting and more. This is made possible thanks to the addition of a six-switch auxiliary power bank mounted on the dashboard.

“Ranger Tremor can be your daily driver during the week then transform into your off-road adventure vehicle come Saturday morning,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. “With its added off-road capability combined with the six-switch auxiliary bank and more than 200 Ranger-specific dealer-installed available accessories, Ranger Tremor is a very capable overlanding rig.”

The Tremor Off-Road package will add $4,290 to the sticker of a 2021 Ranger XLT or Lariat model, and it’s only available on SuperCrew equipped versions of those two trims. Tremor equipped models will be produced alongside their mainstream counterparts at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. The first units are expected to roll off the assembly line early next year, with the first deliveries possibly taking place sometime this spring.


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