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When we last saw the Tremor package, it was back in 2014 when Ford slapped the moniker on a F-150 that added sport focused exterior add ons, as well as minor tweaks scattered throughout. Ford is bringing back the package for 2020, and this time, things are getting much more serious.

Wheras the old Tremor centered around generating aftershocks in the sport truck segment, this new round of seismic activity is focused on conquering the beaten path. As such, a stout platform is needed, so Ford engineers decided to use the bigger F-250 and 350 models for this excercise. The core styling elements dont change very much, but the package brings 35 inch “maximum traction” all terrain tires that are shod around Raptor style 18-inch matte black bead locking wheels. Ford claims that these tires are the largest ever offered on a heavy duty pickup truck, and that should translate into potent capability for lucky buyers. Other goodies include running boards, an FX4 sourced skid plates, and even extended vent axle tubes.


Ford is also very keen on helping Tremor live up to its claim as the “most capable off-road Super Duty ever” and they have done this by giving the rig a 2-inch front end lift as well as a shorter front air dam to help create 10-inches of much welcomed ground clearance. The Super Duty Tremor also boasts a segment best 33 inch water fording depth, as well as the best approach and departure angles ever offered on a Super Duty with 31.65 and 24.51 degrees respectively.

Performance will depend on how the Tremor is equipped, with buyers able to choose from either the venerable 6.7 liter Powerstroke turbodiesel V8, or the all new 7.3 liter gasoline powered V8 (6.2 liter base models don’t get to partake in the fun.) Both engines are mated to a 10-speed automatic, and Tremor models bundle a heavy duty Dana limited slip differential at the front, and a locking diffrential at the rear with electronic shift on the fly capability.

The F-150 Raptor’s Trail Control system makes its debut in the Super Duty Tremor, and offers buyers a form of off-road “cruise control” that also offers several drive modes to help tailor the truck to a wide range of driving situations. Look for this package to be able to go toe to toe with the Ram Power Wagon which has long dominated the backwoods busting sector of the heavy duty pickup truck segment.

The Tremor package will be bundled in with the rest of the 2020 Super Duty lineup when it makes its apperance in Ford showrooms later this year. Since it is a package versus a formal model, pricing for the Tremor is bundled into the final pricing for whatever F-250 or F-350 it is equipped to, with buyers being able to add it onto the XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum trims. In the meantime, Ford has released a brief video of the Tremor in action which can be seen below.



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