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EarthCruiser unveils all new CORE: division, will focus on commercial applications


EarthCruiser has been a staple brand when it comes to building wild overlanding RVs that bring the comforts of home to even the most remote locations on the globe. But while the outfitter has built a strong reputation for their consumer arm, the firm did not have a presence in either the commercial or DIY sides of the segment. That’s about to change though, with the company revealing plans to create an all new CORE division.

Befitting its name, the newly minted CORE division aims to appeal to commercial or DIY buyers with a strong foundation to build their own unique vehicle. CORE will ultimately have a diverse range of chassis configurations to choose from, but the first offering will be a production V8 cab over chassis layout which will go on sale later this summer. The chassis will be equipped with CORE’s exclusive four wheel drive system.

“EarthCruiser is the undisputed leader in cab-over vehicle design in the USA. Integrating our technology into commercial applications is something we’ve talked about for along time. We value our roots in the recreation industry and want to use our collective experience and the knowledge we’ve gained over the past decades to help and serve others in a way traditional recreation vehicles can’t,” said Chad Knight, GM of EarthCruiser and CORE Vehicles. “There is great need for a production four-wheel drive cab over chassis in the commercial and government sectors, and our experience puts us in a unique position to rise to this challenge.”


EarthCruiser claims that CORE draws from roughly over two decades of experience, and while the CORE are designed and tested for the U.S. market, they can easily be adapted to suit international needs. EarthCruiser has a long history of using Fuso sourced cabs for their conversions, so it should come as no surprise that CORE offerings will follow the same script. Offerings will initially be limited to Fuso SE single and double cabs, but that will expand in 2021 when Chevy LCF and Isuzu NPR cabs will also make their respective appearances in the CORE lineup.

Pricing will begin at $105,000 for a single cab model without the box, while dual cabs start a bit higher at $120,000. But if you choose to add a rear mounted box to your rig, pricing does go up accordingly, with the single cab configuration jumping to $140,000 and double cab variants rising to $155,000.


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