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Ford Bronco Set To Debut In March, Bronco Sport In April


When the Bronco story first began, it was back in January of 2017 when Ford revealed that it would be reviving the Bronco and also bring the Ranger pickup back to the U.S. While the Ranger made its debut a year later, the Bronco lurked in the shadows waiting for its time to shine. Fast forward to 2020, and it appears the wait is almost over according to a report from Automotive News.


In that report, the publication revealed that the company recently told dealers that the Bronco would be making its official debut next month. The announcement allegedly took place at the annual NADA (National Automotive Dealer Association) show in Las Vegas and was also accompanied by a separate announcement for the unveiling of the Bronco Sport. This smaller model is designed to broaden the Bronco’s target audience, and is meant to be an entry into the compact CUV segment. Unlike its big brother, its unveiling is scheduled to begin in April which could be part of the festivities for the 2020 New York Auto Show.


In an interesting twist it appears Ford is flipping the script with the bigger Bronco being unveiled first, but the smaller Bronco Sport being the one buyers can buy first, with AN revealing that the model expected to go on sale during the last half of the year, wheras the bigger one will make its trek to showrooms in early 2021. Ford has high hopes riding on the shoulders of both of them, with the company estimating a combined sales figure of over 200,000 units next year, which would give Ford plenty of ammunition to truly bring the fight to Jeep. Both the Bronco and Bronco Sport will be available in either two or four door variants, and will also come packed to brim with accessories at launch to further maximize the profit potential that Ford is trying to achieve with the duo. Apparently for this same reason, Ford is also making both models available for dealers nationwide and eliminating the need to fulfill certain requirements to sell both models.


Lastly, the Bronco’s return to the marketplace won’t just be a tag team affair, but eventually a whole new family of vehicles that will bring off-road prowess and customization features to a wide range of niche utility segments. We are holding final judgement until those alleged models make their way to the surface, but so far it appears that the plan is off to a good start.


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