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New Rendering Gives Futuristic Hummer EV Old School Flavor


The Hummer nameplate is on a redemption tour in regards to irs its current state of affairs. When we last saw the moniker, it was during the Super Bowl esrlier this month when GM released a teaser commercial that subtly previewed the upcoming Hummer EV pickup that will be sold under the GMC banner. While GM has chosen to keep its hand close to the vest, that has not stopped rendering artists from giving the world there interpretation of what the truck will look like.



The rendering here takes a more retro approach to the truck with the folks at carlifestyle giving it a number of styling cues that were once calling cards of the brand during its time in production. These include the narrow windows as well the chunky proportions that helped enhance its off-roading reputation. The end result looks very classy, and checks all the boxes for a proper Hummer offering, but at the same time, this rendered example could look too far apart from its GMC brand mates given Hummer’s new role as a sub-brand instead of being a seperate entity.

That’s a legitimate question because underneath the brawny Hummer brand suit lies a platform that is radically different with the underpinnings housing three electric motors and components designed to be compliant with electrification technology. The truck will also have 1,000 horsepower in its most potent guise and a 3.0 second 0 to 60 time. As such, the pressure on GM to get it right is enormous.


As mentioned, we still have no idea what the full design will be for the upcoming Hummer EV, but look for the truth to be revealed on May 20th when the Hummer pickup makes its debut.


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