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When the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat made its official debut back in July, Dodge was eager to reveal all kinds of numbers. These included the 710 horsepower figure, the 3.5-second 0-to-60-mph time, and its impressive 180 mph top speed. However, pricing remained an elusive quarry, with Dodge not divulging that slice of information at the virtual unveiling.

But thanks to leaked dealer documents, we finally have a glimpse at what it will cost to take one home for your garage.

The documents were revealed by the folks at Mopar Insiders who cited various sources in the FCA dealer network. Dodge dealers are opening the order books for customers in November, with the first units rolling out of the factory in January.

According to Mopar Insiders customers will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes time to order. These include a $2,495 Premium Interior Package, $2,395 Technology Group, $1,495 Black Package and the $1,195 Trailer Tow Package with Braking Control. When added with some of the exterior garnishments that can be fitted to it, you are looking at a rig that is capable of being just under the $100,000 barrier before taxes and fees are factored in.

Dodge revealed it only intends to build the Durango Hellcat for six months, but while Dodge chief Tim Kuniskis did reveal that roughly 2,000 examples would be built, that is not a hard cut off figure. Instead, Dodge is carefully monitoring customer demand for the Durango Hellcat, and could possibly adjust that figure if pent up demand calls for it. T

he model will however, not extend into the 2022 model year due to the engine not meeting certain emissions requirements when used in the Durango platform according to Kuniskis.

While the thought of paying Mercedes-grade money for a Dodge Durango might seem a bit insane at first glance, buyers that look at the sum of all of its parts will get a screaming good deal. Not only will they get a fire-breathing monster of a V-8 that makes mincemeat out of far pricier performance SUV contenders but also still have the towing and the passenger space needed to make it a justifiable family purchase. That alone sounds like a good win-win scenario to us.

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