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Wey P01 does uncanny Bronco impression, only available in China


The world immediately became smitten with the 2021 Ford Bronco when it made its debut last week, with the model rapidly becoming the most talked about unveiling of 2020. But as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Chinese automaker Wey (part of Great Wall Motors) has unveiled the P01, an SUV that appears to do just that.

When viewed at a glance, the exterior styling is very boxy in appearance, with the front fascia featuring a tall upright grille and round shaped headlights that are bisected by horizontal LED strips. The design for these elements is eerily similar to the Bronco and Bronco Sport, especially when viewed from certain angles. The front fenders on the other hand are much closer to the ones seen on the Jeep Wrangler, while the boxy rear end features vertical taillights and an externally mounted covered tire carrier. While the P01 is not as much of a carbon copy as some other models that have emerged from the country over the years, the strong Ford vibes emanating from this particular offering are hard to ignore.

It’s unknown if the P01 will have a car like uni-body architecture, or if it will arrive on the scene with a more traditional body-on-frame architecture. Wey is also keeping technical specifications heavily under wraps. However, it’s highly unlikely that a mighty V8 or a twin-turbocharged V6 will find its way under the hood of the SUV due to the way China’s vehicle tax structure is set up. The tax system has always been a costly disadvantage for large displacement engines, and as a result, the new entry could be powered by either a traditional four cylinder, or perhaps a smaller engine to try and avoid those costs.

Unlike the Ford Bronco, the Wey P01 will only be sold in China, with the model making its official debut next week. It is expected to go on sale shortly after, and it will be interesting to see how closely the P01 mirrors the Bronco family in capability. As for Ford, it will be interesting to see if the appearance of the P01 will spur any kind of legal response. It would not be unprecedented either, with Jaguar Land Rover winning a key legal battle against Jiangling Motors last year for the Evoque mimicking Landwind X7.

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