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E-Series Dually Conversion Is Van-Tastically Bizarre, Can Be Yours For $10,350


While the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is putting a damper on new truck and SUV introductions for the moment, the virus has not impacted the used side of the market, with sales still vibrant and active in various ways. When we last checked in, we found out what would’ve happened if Ford engineers spliced a second generation Taurus SHO with a Ford Ranger. This time, things take a decidedly more van-centric direction, with the unholy fusion of a Ford E-Series and a Ford F-250 Dually model.

This creation is currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and just like it sounds, it is the fusion of a Ford E-Series van and a F-Series Dually pickup. Make the trek to Florida to see it, and you are greeted with a very interesting sight that will certainly leave you delightfully puzzled. The front half is standard E-Series, but it is the chassis cab which is arguably one of the best platforms to build a custom vehicle. A lot of this is due to the rugged simplicity of the layout, as well as the E-Series ability to be configured in large sizes like the E-450. As a result, the E-Series was perhaps the symbol of the 1990s, with the model being used to underpin motorhomes, buses, moving vans, and even ice cream trucks.

As for the example featured here, it appears to take a different route for its road to customization. Instead of having a commercial purpose, this particular build appears to have been meant for someone that wanted a pickup truck, but did not want to take the full plunge into F-Series ownership. The bed is correct for Super Duty dually from the early 2000s, though its safe to say that the diamond plate rear bumper did not come from the factory for either model. As mentioned, the front half is from a later generation E-Series, and it’s completely stock with the lone exception of the power sliding rear window. We also like the two tone gray/white look here, which is an obvious attempt at adding some King Ranch to the festivities.

Performance for this conversion comes from a 6.0 liter Powerstroke diesel V8 which has done well over 231,000 miles, and has had a laundry list of maintenance items done for the last 40,000 miles. The interior is stock E-Series, with the same cloth seats and function first dashboard layout that helped define the E-Series during its production run.


If this conversion fits your bill for being a very eccentric way to enter the pickup truck ranks, you can check out the listing here, and be sure to bring the $10,350 needed to formally bring it home.


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