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Taurus SHO Pickup Is One-Off Curiosity, And It’s for Sale


The Ford Taurus is undisputedly one of the most influential nameplates to have ever been unleashed on the automotive scene. While the nameplate itself was unceremoniously killed off after it withered in the face of the recent surge in SUV and pickup demand, the 1980s and the 1990s were arguably the zenith period of the Taurus, with the performance focused SHO variant being the headline stealer for many buyers. But what if your an enthusiast that has a vivid imagination and wondered what would happen if it became a pickup truck? Ford never built one officially, but thanks to an unnamed customizer and a sales placement, we perhaps have the answer to this very intriguing question.

This particular Taurus SHO is currently for sale at Harry’s Toy Barn in Belnoit, Kansas with the listing being posted over at Autabuy. Information on its history is a bit scare, but looking at what is presented here, this is arguably one of the more interesting customization efforts that we have sever seen. Starting life as a 1994 Taurus SHO sedan, the front half of this vehicle is pure Taurus, with the front fascia, doors, and even a bit of the roof being lifted from it. Things get very interesting however at the back, where the bed from a Ford Ranger pickup was spliced onto the rear end with the B-Pillar being chopped to help fit it in place. The unnamed builder retained the SHO specific wheels, and even slathered this utterly insane creation in a green hue that is very similar to what was used on this generation of Taurus. No shots of the engine bay were posted, but we highly suspect that the 220 horsepower 3.0 liter Yamaha V6 is still on board especially since this hybrid appears to have the correct 5-speed manual that’s commonly associated with this engine (despite it being called an automatic in the sales description.)


If this compelling crossbreed is the right fit for your garage, The Taurus SHO truck is currently for sale, with the seller charging $7,500 for the privilege of owning this unusual creation. As a bonus, the truck even comes with a working moonroof and a bed cover which does indicate that whoever created this thing had some knowledge in not only metal working, but also the electrical work needed to make sure everything works as it should.


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