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When we last met the folks at Hennessey, they just unveiled the powerful and outright insane Goliath 700 Sierra truck, but for Ford buyers clamoring for an equal to this giant GMC, Hennessey has decided to grant their wish, and has formally unveiled its latest creation the Venom.

That’s certainly easier to say than its full name, with Hennessey formally calling it the Venom 775 Supercharged Truck. The complex nature of its name aside, the truck is still functionally simple when it comes to delivering earth shattering performance, While it will not go the rumored 300 mph like the car that it shares its name with, the Venom still wields a lot of muscle which is impressive considering that it starts life as a base Ford F-150. Like the Goliath, the bulk of the upgrade centers on the engine, with Hennessey engineers bolting a massive supercharger to the F-150’s 5.0 liter engine with other engine upgrades and a tune complimenting things further. The end result is 775 horsepower which transforms the F-150 into a bottle rocket of performance.

Hennessey claims that the massive infusion of muscle is enough to rocket the F-150 to 60 mph in four seconds flat. If you have enough courage to stay on the throttle beyond that point, the Venom can blast its way to a 12.1 second quarter mile time. Typically this figure is very good for a traditional performance car, never mind a large truck that is also equipped with 20-inch wheels and 35-inch off-road tires. And it likes to flaunt its size in style, with Hennessey engineers giving the truck a six inch lift to help accommodate those massive tires. Six piston front Brembo brakes help bring this monster to a stop, while five LED lights in the front bumper help light the way at night.

But the performance upgrades are only one part of the story, and the Venom also brings a number of styling revisions to help it stand out from lesser F-150s. There’s plenty of badges and graphics scattered about, but buyers willing to play with the options list can get a full custom interior, a ram air hood, electrically powered side steps, and a custom rear bumper. Everything is installed by Hennessey themselves, and the Venom even comes with a 3-year 36,000 mile warranty.

“At Hennessey Performance, we continue to push the envelope and crush the competition. The Venom 775 is the culmination of what the perfect F-150 should be,” said CEO John Hennessey.

So how much cash do you have to throw down to have the opportunity to own one of these rare beasts? Well as the saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility” and that responsibility takes the form of the $53,300 base MSRP that adorns the base Venom package. Go wild with options, and you will add $16,300 which causes the price to surge upward to a grand total of $69,600. Of course, this is before you add in the cost of the donor F-150 which causes things to easily cross the six figure mark when all is said and done. Oh and as a bonus, unlike other Hennessey creations, the Venom is not available to nearly all of Ford’s U.S. dealer network, with only one dealer being given the responsibility to sell these creations.

The lucky outpost holding the keys to all 100 examples is Brown Lee Ford which is located in Morrison, Tennessee and it has developed an established reputation for being one of the most sought after dealers in the nation for specialty Ford products. We’re not kidding about that either, with the dealership actually having a 2019 Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 6×6 in its current vehicle inventory as an example of just how potent its stash of goodies is (consider us impressed.)  We have also added a brief video of the Venom 775 in action which can be seen below.




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