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Icon 4×4 Re-imagines 1970 Ford Ranger For Modern Era, New Upgrades And Styling Highlight Dramatic Metamorphosis [Video]


When Icon 4×4 recently announced plans to launch their Reformer series, the goal was to create vehicles that could be re-engineered for modern purposes, with the tuning firm claiming that any make and model could be working subjects for the transformation. The newest member of the Reformer series this time around is a 1970 Ford Ranger, which aims to continue this theme, while also breathing new life into an iconic nameplate.

And yes this is indeed a Ford Ranger, with the model featured here being based on the Ranger trim level that was once a part of the broader model ladder for older F-Series trucks during the mid 1960s to the early 1970s (versus the compact truck model that debuted in 1983.) Look past that obscure piece of trivia fodder, and you will immediately notice the extensive amount of revamping that Icon engineers did to make the Ranger better than ever.

The bodywork retains alot of its classic DNA, but other than its aesthetic nod to the past, there are a number of modern touches scattered throughout the exterior. The Ranger’s floorboards for instance, have been sprayed with a polyurea floor surface coating, and every single body panel was also powder coated before the stylish two tone paint was applied for further enhanced corrosion resistance. The beefier axles house BF Goodrich All Terrain tires with custom 18-inch aluminum wheels paying homage to classic steel rim designs. They even come with vintage look hubcaps to further enhance the classic connection.

The interior on the other hand benefits from a far more extensive suite of upgrades that aim to make things more livable for owners once they slip inside. An all new Vintage Air Gen IV HVAC system replaces the stock climate control system, and bespoke looking chrome aluminum knobs and bezels are splashed throughout the cabin. Those items were designed by Icon 4×4 themselves, and the fore-mentioned bezels house digital gauges to further modernize the driving experience. Icon 4×4 badging is also liberally applied throughout, and while the seats may appear to be vinyl at first glance, they are actually made out of special leather from Relicate that doe a good job matching the stock vinyl look. Hand stitched Maharm textiles cover the remaining seating surfaces, and are a compelling view into an era where hippies, wild colors, and change dominated many aspects of American life. 

Lastly, with all the modern equipment that was jammed into the interior, the owner of the truck did not have power windows installed, and instead asked Icon 4×4 to retain the factory crank operated roll up system in an unusual but creative attempt to retain some of the Ranger’s classic identity.

Performance for the Ranger comes from a 426 horsepower version of Ford’s versatile 5.0 liter Coyote V8, which is paired with a four speed Ford AOD transmission. When the Ranger needs some help powering its way through thick muck and obstacles, an Atlas II transfer case can send power to all four wheels to help ensure maximum grip. Handling is covered by Fox shocks which slip discreetly into the Eibach springs that are a part of the radius arm front suspension that is bolted to the Dynatrac ProRock 44 front axle. The rear axle is swapped out for an even stouter Dynatrack ProRock 60 axle, with the Fox/Eibach spring setup supporting a four link rear suspension.  A PSC power steering system helps make moving all that rubber and hardware, while an all new hydroboosted sport braking system the tuner created with Brembo to help slow everything down thanks in part to the large rotors and meaty calipers on hand. 


Icon 4×4 did not release how much the client paid to have his Ranger transformed, but considering that a prior creation had a final sticker of just over $265,000, we suspect that the souped up Ranger could have gone for roughly the same amount.  



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  1. dancolin June 2, 2020

    It still looks amazing. I’ve been planning to do some customization on my truck. I haven’t decided if I’ll get bed extender or tonneau cover plus a lift kit on 4wheelonline. I have to check more references here so I could tweak my ideas if necessary.


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