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Ever wondered what would happen if the luxury laden Bentley Bentayga made a wrong turn on a clear summer afternoon, and instead of going to a quiet picnic ended up on the set of the Walking Dead? The British luxury car maker along with a Spanish design firm have embraced this question with gusto, and has unveiled a possible answer, the all new limited production Bentley Bentayga Bengala.

Yes, the name is admittedly a bit of a mouthful to say, but the blacked out ute is the result of a partnership between Bentley and Spanish design group Bengala Automotive Design SL. This particular design house specializes in creating exclusive design programs of high end cars, with production typically not exceeding 15 units. In the case of the Bentayga, the design house’s revisions have transformed the luxury laden beast into a sinister yet captivating trail focused monster. Arguably the most noticeable of these modifications is the suite done to the front fascia. Bengala designers clearly went for an off-road inspired motif here, and the customized front bumper and accompanying LED strip certainly commands plenty of attention. The new bumper actually skewers the front grille, which allows the Bentayga Bengala to have an appearance much akin to a four wheeled tank. This is especially apparent when viewed against similar efforts like the Rezvani tank.

Along with the wild front end, Bengala designers also unleashed several other tweaks for the Bentayga. They include extended wheel flares, as well as Dillinger sourced wheels to help spice up the Bentayga’s side profile. As a bonus, the new hoops even manage to add more bespoke style at the same time which should please one of the lucky 15 owners. The rear fascia predictably, also gets several off-road focused modifications, including a new rear bumper, as well as other add-ons to help improve off-road durability and ground clearance.

Bengala revealed in a statement on its website that it partnered with an unnamed Spanish off-road rally champion and his team to help create an SUV that combines “luxury with brutal appearance and outstanding performance.” The suspension and the tires have also been beefed up for off-road duty, and with the firm known for using extensive amounts of carbon fiber in its other modifications, the Bentayga has been adorned with copious amounts of the lightweight material in a bid to try and cut down on excess weight. While it is unknown what engine motivates all 15 Bengala Bentaygas, we suspect that the lighter V8 engine is on deck to not only try and cut even more weight. but to also make the builds less costly than outfitting a W12 powered example with the same modification package.


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