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Report: Ford Confirms Electric F-150 And Compact Pickup


Ford Focus Courier Pickup

Would you consider an electric truck, if it were ‘built Ford tough’? The American automaker is sure hoping so.

Jim Farley, Ford Motor Co.’s president of global markets, recently gave a presentation on the brand’s pickup strategy at the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference in Detroit. There, according to an Automotive News report, he revealed the automaker would be “electrifying the F-series, both battery-electric and hybrid.”

Farley declined to specify a timeline for the EV F-series, however. Chances are good it would be included as a variant in the next-gen F-150 line, which is due for reveal in 2021.

In addition to an EV variant of the F-series, Farley said that “you can expect new nameplates below where we compete today.”

Of course, we can interpret this as confirmation that the automaker is indeed making a smaller, crossover-based pickup slated below the new Ranger. This backs up our suspicions. After all, Ford was recently caught testing a smaller pickup truck.

Questions still remain about how well an electric F-150 would sell. Certainly, it’d be a rear-tire burner, since electric motors offer 100% torque at zero RPM.

Instead of creating the F-150 EV as a sales juggernaut, though, Ford is likely developing it in order to normalize EVs.

In order to make EVs commonplace—and profitable—automakers need to make them, well, more conventional. After all, nothing is more conventional or regular than a truck—especially an F-series truck.



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