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Tesla Will Build ‘Andre the Giant’ Sized Pickup – Elon Musk Tweetstorm Riles Up Fans


Tesla Will Build 'Andre the Giant' Sized Pickup - Elon Musk Tweetstorm Riles Up FansAnother night on Twitter for Tesla CEO Elon Musk turned into a suggestion session for a much ballyhooed Tesla pickup with the man himself confirming details. Let’s just hope not all of the suggestions make it into this pickup.

According to die-hard Tesla fan Fred Lambert and the notoriously biased Electrek.com, the Twitter session boils down to a short list of promises like:

  • It’s going to be a big pickup.
    • Musk said that it will feature a step that will lower to step into the pickup and he said that Andre the Giant will be able to fit in the driver’s seat.
  • The Tesla pickup is going to be a 6-seater.
  • It’s going to have an option for 400 to 500 miles of range “maybe higher”
    • Musk previously said that platforms like the Model S and Model X would probably be capped at 125 kWh of energy capacity, but he said that the truck platform will offer an opportunity for a much bigger battery pack.
  • Dual Motor All-wheel-drive powertrain with dynamic suspension will be standard on the truck.
  • The pickup will have a 240-volt connection for heavy-duty tools and even an air compressor to run air tools.
    • the second part was a suggestion that Musk liked since the pickup will already have a pneumatic system for the air suspension.
  • ‘300,000 lbs of towing capacity’.
    • That’s another tweet where you have to ask yourself ‘is he kidding?’, but he is most often not. Though I’d bet the actual rated capacity is going to be much lower and like the Model X, owners will be able to push the pickup further.
  • It will be able to float.
    • Musk referenced how the Model S is able to, but that’s up to a certain degree and it’s obviously not recommended.
  • The Tesla pickup will have lockers.
  • Musk said that ‘it will look like a pickup’.
    • I take this as he is not planning an overly different design because it’s electric. He mentioned that he likes the design of the old Bronco.

Again, we should take all of this with a huge helping of caution. It is very likely this new Tesla monster truck won’t make it into production and 300k lbs of towing capacity is laughable. Although, the idea of a Tesla pickup does make a lot of sense considering how many new pickups are sold in the U.S. each year. Yet, those are gasoline or diesel powered pickups and hardly anyone we know is clamoring for an electric half-ton pickup.



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