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SPIED! 2020 Ram 2500/3500 HD Trucks With Snow Plows


We are still a year away from new 2020 Ram 2500/3500 trucks which means spy photographers are hot on the trail tracking down these big trucks. Recently, they got not only the new trucks, but also photos of them with snow plows. Great work!

“Previously seen Ram HD test trucks were captured on film running in mule form, with only camouflaged front ends, but the Ram HD prototype caught testing here has its body fully covered in camouflage, suggesting that more extensive changes are in store for the heavy-duty truck lineup. The frontal camouflage differs somewhat from what we’ve seen on the mules, indicating that bigger design changes may also be applied to the front end. The plow blocks a straight-on look at the prototype’s grille, so it’s hard to make any judgments about the nature of its redesigned face.

“One thing that is for certain is this prototype’s heavy-duty specifications, with its eight-lug bolt pattern and different stance compared to the Ram 1500.

“Development programs for the 2019 Ram 1500 and the overhauled Ram HD have been running side by side at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles headquarters, but the HD program was reportedly pushed back one year, putting the all-new 1500 ahead of the curve. With these latest shots of the production-bodied Ram HD prototype testing on Michigan streets, we can now say that the 2020 Ram HD has officially taken a big step toward a production reality.”

KGP Photography images

The new Ram heavy-duty trucks will likely share a very similar look to the 2019 Ram 1500 that was unveiled at last month’s 2018 Detroit Auto Show.


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