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When I walk through my neighborhood, I often see trucks parked on the street – compact, midsize and full-size. But I rarely see a heavy-duty truck in the city. And there’s a reason for that. It’s a truck meant for big spaces and towing or hauling heavy shit. Not a lot of people do that in a city. So, it always amuses me when I get a large truck in Chicago, and I enjoy playing the “will it fit” game. The 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 is a behemoth, but it did surprisingly well in tight situations.

The garage, the ATM and parking

One of the first things I did was try to park the 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 in my Chicago garage – while my neighbor’s car was already in there. I had to dodge trash cans in the alley as well as deal with a narrow space to turn. The weird thing: It almost fit. It was a tad too long because my space is right in front of the door. In addition to being about an inch too long to close the garage door, even if I did make it fit, I wouldn’t be able to get out of the garage after parking.

I did have to fold in my mirrors and used the around-view camera for fine-tuning, but I was surprised at the maneuverability of this heavy duty truck.

I was also able to get it in parking spaces as well as fit in a small ATM drive-through – again with pulling in my mirrors and some three-point-turn maneuvers.

Parallel parking was also not out of the realm of possibility – assuming I could find a space big enough to fit the truck.

While the 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 is big, it has a lot of helpful tech to get you into and out of those tight spaces.

2024 GMC Sierra 2500

Denali Ultimate

New for 2024, the GMC Sierra 2500 gets the Denali Ultimate trim, and daaaang. It’s nice. Like ultra-lux nice. In an HD truck. You’ve got sumptuous leather seats, open-pore wood accents, massaging front seats, premium Bose audio, a rear-camera mirror and a head-up display – all standard.

I love how the interior of this truck looks, and every time I shut myself inside, I could almost forget I was in a super large truck.

Of course, a truck this nice is also going to come with a hefty price tag. The base price for a 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 is $47,395, and the Denali Ultimate, with its standard 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine adds nearly $50k to the bottom line. Gulp.

The test vehicle also added the Gooseneck package and up-level Redwood Metallic paint. So, the as-tested price was $94,835. Double gulp. To me, this begs the question: Would you spend this kind of cash on a truck you intend to tow and haul heavy shit with?

2024 GMC Sierra 2500

Towing heavy shit

The Duramax diesel engine mated to the 10-speed automatic delivers 470 horsepower and 975 pound-feet of torque. In addition to some nice highway accelerations, this powertrain provides best-in-class towing. The Crew Cab without options or packages tows up to 21,900 pounds. But with the Max Tow Package, that number goes up to 22,500 pounds.

So, who would want a truck like this? Someone who tows horses and wants to be comfortable for the long haul (literally and figuratively).

Maybe it doesn’t quite fit into a city lifestyle, but it can fit into a city when necessary. And that’s a very good thing.

The bottom line

I had fun driving the 2024 GMC Sierra 2500. While I would never use the truck for its intended purpose, I feel like the major point of my review (and the video below) is that not only can a petite female drive it and be comfortable, but it can also fit into a city environment if you want a night on the town or are taking a road trip. Then it can hit the ranch, tow heavy stuff and instantly become a work truck.

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Jill Ciminillo

Jill Ciminillo is the Managing Editor for Pickup Truck + SUV Talk as well as a Chicago-based automotive writer, YouTube personality and podcast host, with her articles and videos appearing in outlets throughout the U.S. Additionally, she co-hosts a weekly radio show on car stuff for a local Chicago station. Previously, Jill has been the automotive editor for both newspaper and broadcast media conglomerates. She is also a past president for the Midwest Automotive Media Association and has the distinction of being the first female president for that organization. Jill is also currently a juror for the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year (NACTOY).

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