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Publisher Tim Esterdahl appears on News Nation


Pickup Truck + SUV Talk Publisher Tim Esterdahl appeared on News Nation, a national news outlet, to discuss the recently announced Ford F-150 Lightning price drop. Appearing during the “Morning in America” show on July 18, 2023, Esterdahl was quoted twice during reporter Nick Smith’s story on the price drop.

Smith reported on the price cuts as well as the challengers for Ford’s EV and Tesla’s first off-the-line Cybertruck.

Esterdahl cited major fluctuations in the Lithium mineral pricing as one of the lead factors in the price swings. In fact, the rising price of the Lightning followed by a sharp cut mirrors the latest pricing reports of Lithium, showing the market dropping off substantially with China ending its EV subsidy programs. A more stable Lithium price helps marketers better forecast pricing for the mineral as well as electric vehicle pricing.

The major expense for electric vehicles is the battery, and it is a significant part of the overall cost of building the vehicle. Looking at the drop in Lithium pricing, a key mineral in EV batteries, helps you can understand why pricing can fluctuate so dramatically and quickly.

Esterdahl said the price drop will bring in new buyers, but there are still ongoing issues with EV ownership like access to charging (both public and private) as well as understanding how an EV can fit into your lifestyle.

This is Esterdahl’s second national news program interview, with the first being on CBS Sunday Mornings, talking about truck culture in America.

Watch the full segment below.


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