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Publisher Tim Esterdahl appears on CBS Sunday Morning


Putting a stamp on a big year for Pickup Truck +SUV Talk, Publisher Tim Esterdahl appeared on CBS Sunday Morning as their truck expert.

The segment, which aired on December 18, 2022, is about truck culture in America and details how important trucks are to businesses like Ford Motor Co. as well as why Americans love trucks so much. Esterdahl was interviewed by Lee Cowan about trucks while at an event in Louisville, Kentucky. CBS’ Cowan also interviewed Ford CEO Jim Farley and Ford PRO CEO Ted Cannis for the segment.

While Farley and Cannis explained how important trucks were to their business, Esterdahl shared how passionate truck fans, punctuated by his opening statement for the interview: “I’ve seen more bar fights over what truck you drive than anything else.” He also discusses the quest for bragging rights, and the overall one-upmanship not only among consumers but also truck makers.

The CBS Sunday Morning segment also featured scenes from the State Fair of Texas with its “Truck Zone” where all manufacturers display their trucks as well as offer consumers a chance at short ride along.

This represents the first time Esterdahl has been interviewed by a national news program.


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