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2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison: 5 things to know


The 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison has arrived with a Boron steel skids plates, new launch software, 35″ tires and more. This truck takes the ZR2 to a whole new level.

What is the 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison?

Imagine taking the already impressive 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2 and improving on it in about every way. This is the Colorado ZR2 Bison.

Starting with the obvious changes, the Colorado ZR2 Bison offers many parts in collaboration with American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) who had an engineer working with the GM engineers during development. The Bison uses the AEV heavy-duty winch-capable steel front bumper, AEV steel rear bumper, and AEV fender flares similar to the Silverado 1500 ZR2 Bison. Its aggressive stance is enhanced with AEV 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels, featuring 35-inch OD Mud/Terrain tires. Yes, 35-inch tires on a stock truck!

Equipped with Boron steel skid plates and rock rails, the Colorado ZR2 Bison offers some impressive underbody protection. Boron steel is light weight and much stronger than steel. The Bison has an approach angle of 38.2 degrees, departure angle of 26 degrees, and breakover angle of 26.9 degrees. It also has 12.2-inches of ground clearance.

It also features electronically locking front and rear differentials, Multimatic DSSV dampers, and the ZR2 chassis as a whole, make this a formidable truck on the truck.

Chevy says they also have a new launch control program which learns alongside with you and adapts to your driving needs to improve how it operates. During a virtual backgrounder for this truck, they said it even learns after your first launch to improve its operation.

Under the hood, the 2024 Colorado ZR2 Bison uses the new 2.7-liter turbo inline four-cylinder engine, delivering 310 horsepower. Paired with a new 8-speed automatic transmission and a 4WD system with a 2-speed transfer case, this truck should be ready for most adventures right off the dealership lot.

Finally, it has the distinctive “Flowtie” front badge, allowing air to flow through the badge, and Bison badges on the exterior as well as on the front headrests and all-weather floor liners.

Infotainment and connectivity

The Colorado ZR2 Bison features the 11.3-inch-diagonal color touchscreen with the built-in Google capabilities.

There is also wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and a wireless phone charger as well as the truck is Wi-Fi capable through AT&T.

Safety and driver assistance features

Chevy Safety Assist is standard on the Colorado ZR2 Bison, providing a comprehensive suite of safety features. This includes Automatic Emergency Braking, Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Following Distance Indicator, Forward Collision Alert, and IntelliBeam auto high beam control. Plus Adaptive Cruise Control is available, making long drives on highways better.

Chad Hall beat the snot out of it

If you follow Chevy off-road racing, you’ll recognize the name Chad Hall. He’s been racing the Colorado ZR2 for some time now and beaten the living snot out of them.

His validation, the AEV equipped and GM’s engineering team should give buyers some confidence in beating up the ZR2 Bison and still driving it home.

MPG, pricing and towing

Details on EPA fuel economy ratings are yet to be released as usual. They will be announced after the EPA certifies the numbers with early rumors pointing to 16 MPG across the board for city/highway/combined fuel economy.

GM says the Colorado ZR2 Bison will come in with 1,050 pounds of payload and a maximum trailering capacity of 5500 pounds.

Pricing has also been yet to be revealed, but looking back to the prior generation, the price difference was $5,750 over the bas ZR2. The 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 starts at $46,800 and one would expect the Bison to easily top $50,000 and maybe into the $60,000 range with a more expensive paint option (most options are standard equipment on the Bison), dealer markup and destination fees.

The bottom line

There is just simply a lot to like for this 2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison from the steel bumpers, underbody protection and the option of adding a winch, I don’t see how this isn’t going to be a fan favorite. Granted this isn’t an entry-level truck and if you want the best ZR2, it is going to cost you.

Tim Esterdahl

Automotive Journalist Tim Esterdahl has been a lover of trucks and SUVs for years. He has covered the industry since 2011 and has pieces in many national magazines and newspapers. In his spare time, he is often found tinkering on his '62 C10 pickup, playing golf, going hunting and hanging out with his wife and kids in Nebraska.

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