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Top 5 mobile applications for HGV drivers

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With the advent of new automotive-oriented technologies, it’s now possible for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) operators to get information about their trips in real time.

Modern tech enhancements also help drivers stay connected with family and friends while on the road, and can even find lower fuel prices as they move across the country. In this post, we’ll explore the top mobile applications for HGV drivers and the benefits they offer.

All told we’ll review five of the best-rated apps available today, and look into their features and usability, before summing up a few key points for each product. So buckle up, and let’s get started!

Benefits of using apps for HGV drivers

Apps for HGV drivers offer a range of practical benefits that can drastically improve a driving experience. Whether it’s finding the best fuel prices, tracking vehicle maintenance schedules, evaluating driving safety performance, or determining the best routes, there are apps for nearly every aspect of a driver’s job.

By using these mobile applications to improve operational effectiveness, HGV drivers can save money and time, while providing valuable data on engine performance, fuel efficiency, and more to fleet operators. These apps can even allow drivers to increase the lifespan of their vehicles while reducing fuel consumption. Furthermore, these apps provide information on discounted hotel stays and eateries, which can be useful when HGV drivers are away from home for extended periods of time.

Top 5 mobile apps for HGV drivers

Staying organized and ahead of schedule can be a breeze when any of the following five mobile apps for HGV drivers are put to task. From real-time traffic data to route planning and scheduled vehicle maintenance updates, these apps have been designed specifically for HGV drivers and provide powerful features that will help them to maximize their productivity.

1. Trucker Path

The Trucker Path app is an incredibly helpful tool for HGV drivers all over the world. It provides a plethora of essential services, from finding parking spots to understanding weight station regulations in different states. According to stats, parking apps like this one are used by 65% of drivers working for large fleets of 1000+ vehicles. Trucker Path also offers an interactive map that allows drivers to quickly find the best parking options for their next stop along their route.

Besides helping drivers to stay out of legal trouble, the app calculates the costs of their trips. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Trucker Path is truly the best resource available to truckers.

2. Sygic Truck & Caravan GPS Navigation

This intuitive, user-friendly app was specifically designed for HGV drivers who need to plan efficient routes and navigate through unknown areas. Using it, drivers can easily enter vehicle dimensions and additional criteria in order to generate the most accurate and efficient routes. The app also provides information about the estimated time of arrival, route warnings for narrow roads and low bridges, plus POI data for truck parking, weigh stations, and more.

Sygic also grants access to a comprehensive map featuring speed limits, altitude, rest stops, and detailed 3D views of junctions. However, when using it, you might notice some overheating phone issues. It happens because it takes up a lot of memory. You can fix this by using CleanUpApp – Phone Cleaner designed specifically for this purpose. It lets users clean up apps on the phone in a few clicks. This mobile cleaner app was created for those who value speed and efficiency. With it, you can boost your phone performance and run apps without any issues. It’s also suitable for cleaning phone memory without wasting a lot of time.

Although the basic version of Sygic is free, it provides full functionality that rivals much pricier GPS navigation options. Overall, Sygic offers a great way to help HGV drivers safely stay on course while navigating challenging terrain.


GasBuddy was designed to make life easier for HGV drivers by helping them find the cheapest fuel prices. This navigation app for trucks even offers real-time updates on price changes and tracks refueling history. Its streamlined interface and comprehensive range of truck stop locations make it the ideal companion for any driver looking to save money and time on their next journey. The app also records your vehicle details, distance, and estimated arrival time, so you can feel secure while out on the road.

From easily finding the right fuel source before setting off on their journey to helping out when they run low while on the road, GasBuddy is a vital tool for HGV drivers everywhere.

4. Trucker Timer

Whether you are an HGV driver or a fleet manager, the Trucker Timer app is essential for tracking your journey. Used by professionals around the world, it was designed to help truckers adhere to strict regulations when on the road.

This app conveniently stores mileage details, auto-calculates driving and rest times, keeps a personal logbook of journeys, and more. It also displays helpful maps and information that allows truckers to plan their break times to make sure they always stay compliant with EU regulations. With its easy-to-use navigation and advanced timer, rest assured that it will keep you safe while on the road.


The DRIVEWYZE app was designed to make life easier for HGV drivers. It provides HGV drivers with up-to-date information about low-emission zones, weight station locations, and service centers. In addition, the app alerts HGV drivers about traffic conditions, construction, and bad weather. Within minutes, drivers can get information on weight restrictions, bridge heights, and other relevant data. Integrated maintenance reminders also allow users to schedule repairs and routine servicing so they don’t miss their next MOT test. All in all, the DRIVEWYZE app is a great way for HGV drivers to stay informed while they are out on the road.

Summing up

Using these mobile apps, HGV drivers can stay safe and informed while on the road. Whether you need to track your journey or find the lowest fuel prices, these apps will help you get important information quickly. So if you’re an HGV driver who wants to stay informed about the latest regulations or save time and money on your next journey, these apps have got you covered.

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