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How to maximize your truck crash settlement

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Truck crash claims are never easy, especially since most big-rig truck drivers have big money backing them up. These sorts of scenarios are a multi-layered process, where you must prove your liability to receive a settlement.

That said, it’s essential to understand the steps you should take to ensure you are wholly compensated for your injuries and other damage and losses resulting from a truck collision. Here is a simple guide on how to maximize your settlement after a truck crash.

1. Contact a truck accident lawyer

A truck accident lawyer will serve as a valuable line of defense in your pursuit of settlement.

A qualified lawyer will ensure that you can maximize your compensation and help you to:

● File your claim
● Present evidence to the court
● Present arguments of your claim to the court
● Fight for your much-deserved compensation

2. Get a police report

A police report can be incredibly helpful throughout your legal claim, especially when you want to prove the liability in the incident. This report often comprises valuable information, such as preliminary determination of the driver’s fault, citations issued, and the officer’s observations.

3. Get evidence from the site of the crash

Collecting evidence from the crash site can be incredibly beneficial for your claim. Make sure to get proof of things such as unloaded cargo, eyewitness statements, road conditions, and a trucker’s driving log. You can also collect video and photo evidence at the scene of the incident. Any evidence you have can offer an indisputable baseline for your claim. Make sure to contact a lawyer immediately after the crash to have them help you with evidence preservation.

4. Keep track of your medical expenses

Medical bills can play a significant role in your truck crash claim. Therefore, keep track of all medical expenses related to the incident, as these bills can ensure you stand a better chance of maximizing your settlement.

Crash-related medical expenses can include:

● Therapies
● Durable medical equipment
● Surgeries and procedures
● Hospitalization
● Emergency treatment, including ambulance transit
● Modification to your home for aftercare support, such as ramps or widened doorways

5. Do not accept the initial settlement from the insurance company

Most firms working with insurance companies are highly likely to send an offer as soon as the truck crash is recorded by the authorities. Make sure you do not accept the initial settlement if you want to maximize your truck crash settlement fully. Consult your lawyer first and then determine whether the provided settlement is fair.

In most cases, the insurance company will try to reduce the financial liability of the trucking company, and send a lower settlement than you deserve. A consultation with your lawyer will help you know whether you have room to negotiate. In most cases you can ask for higher compensation.


A truck crash settlement is not as straightforward as many may assume. It requires you to have strong evidence of liability, and you will need to use this evidence to negotiate a settlement. One of the best ways to ensure a successive negotiation is to have a lawyer by your side. The lawyer will guide you on everything you need to do to maximize your pickup truck incident settlement.

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