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Missed opportunity? Mazda MX-30 R-EV plug-in hybrid not coming to U.S.

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Mazda revealed the all-electric MX-30 for the U.S. in early 2021. It’s a nifty little EV with suicide doors and elegant styling. But, it only has 124 miles of range. We’d heard rumors of a range-extended Mazda MX-30, but two years later we have to settle for a R-EV plug-in hybrid instead

But here’s the thing, according to an Automotive News article: It’s not coming to the U.S. European deliveries will start in Europe in April. Then it will move to Japan.

I feel a little like I’m stuck in a Seinfeld episode, and I can’t get any soup.

So, what is the Mazda MX-30 R-EV and why should we care we aren’t getting it? Glad you asked.

What is Mazda MX-30 R-EV?

Built off the low-ranged, all-electric Mazda MX-30, the R-EV adds a rotary engine to power the generator system. This plug-in will allow for 53 miles of all-electric range. Though Mazda didn’t share what the overall range of the vehicle would be, considering it does have a 13-gallon gas tank, you’re probably looking at a total range of more than 400 miles.

As the Automotive News article points out, this rotary engine is 33 pounds lighter than the rotary we saw in the RX-8 and is a single rotor rather than a double rotor.

The plug-in hybrid can go from 20 to 80% charged in about 25 minutes using a DC fast charger of 36 kW or more. Using 7.2 kW AC charging (like your regular wall jack), the battery can get to 80% in 90 minutes.

The bottom line

We really liked everything about the MX-30 – except the range – when we had the chance to drive it. Thus, we think the U.S. is missing out by not getting the plug-in variant. Frankly, plug-in hybrids make a lot of sense in a country that has a lot of wide-open spaces and poor charging infrastructure.

Plug-in hybrids will help bridge the gap between gas vehicles and full electrification as we work on that shitty infrastructure. They’re more affordable, and they allow more people to own and operate electrified vehicles. This Mazda MX-30 plug-in hybrid would not only provide plenty of kicking-around-town driving but also give the ability to take a road trip without sitting for hours in the back of a Walmart parking lot waiting to charge.

So, yeah, we think this is a huge missed opportunity for Mazda. Do you?

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Jill Ciminillo

Jill Ciminillo is the Managing Editor for Pickup Truck + SUV Talk as well as a Chicago-based automotive writer, YouTube personality and podcast host, with her articles and videos appearing in outlets throughout the U.S. Additionally, she co-hosts a weekly radio show on car stuff for a local Chicago station. Previously, Jill has been the automotive editor for both newspaper and broadcast media conglomerates. She is also a past president for the Midwest Automotive Media Association and has the distinction of being the first female president for that organization. Jill is also currently a juror for the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year (NACTOY).

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