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Mazda MX-30’s curious solution to 100 miles of EV range

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Mazda finally released pricing and range information about its upcoming all-electric MX-30.  And, at first, blush, as other publications have pointed out, it’s less than ideal.

You’re looking at a base price of $34,645, with destination, and an EV range of 100 miles. Gulp.

However, Mazda has done a few things here that might mitigate the sting of launching its first EV with a high price and low range.

$500 charge credit

Mazda has partnered with ChargePoint to make it easier for owners to charge up while on the go. The $500 credit can be used to charge at any one of the stations or to purchase an in-home charger. I’d probably opt for the free charging.

Get a loaner

This is the curious solution to the 100 miles of range. At least Mazda recognizes that you won’t be able to take a road trip in the MX-30, and they’ve provided a solution: the Elite Access Loaner Program. This will allow owners to try out other gasoline models in the Mazda line up for up to 10 days per year for the first three years of ownership.

While I wish this program would be good for the life of the vehicle ownership, I know a lot of automakers are pushing the whole “three-years free” before moving to a subscription thing.

13 hours 40 minutes max charge time

Because the battery is fairly small at 35.5 kWh, it won’t take forever to charge on a regular 120-volt wall jack. Remember that one time it would have taken 96 hours to charge the Ford Mustang Mach-E by plugging into the wall?

Yep, none of that here. It will take a max of 13 hours and 40 minutes to reach 100% charge if you just plug it into the wall. No extra equipment necessary. For most people, that’s plenty of time to charge up before heading out the next morning.

Even better, it can charge up to 80% within 36 minutes on a Level 3, DC 50 kW fast charger or can hit a full charge in just under 3 hours with a Level 2, AC 240 V / 30 amps charger.

Zoom-zoom dynamics

Even though Mazda doesn’t use the zoom-zoom tagline anymore, it’s still appropriate for their vehicles. The MX-30 will get the electric version of G-Vectoring plus maintains a low center of gravity with the battery mounted under the floor in a flat modular arrangement.

Plus, powered by the new e-Skyactiv EV technology, the Mazda MX-30 delivers 143 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque.

We’ll be driving the MX-30 in September so more on this soon.

The bottom line on the Mazda MX-30

I have to admit, 100 miles of range is giving me heart palpitations. But I have a running partner who has an EV and pointed out that they rarely go over 100 miles of range, and charging at a destination and at home becomes second nature. Basically, he shrugged off my concerns.

The Mazda MX-30 will initially only be available in California, so Mazda is just delicately dipping its toe in the EV waters at the moment.

Hopefully, after driving it in September we’ll have a better idea why Mazda selected just 100 miles of range and if there will be larger battery packs with more range in the future.

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