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How long does a truck collision lawsuit take?

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After being involved in a truck crash and sustaining injuries, you can file a lawsuit against those responsible for the incident. However, in truck collision cases, it is not uncommon for the legal process to take a long time. Why? Because chances are you will be suing more than one party.

The lawsuit may be against the truck driver, their employer, the person who loaded the cargo, or those who were responsible for the truck’s maintenance. You may also need to file a claim against the vehicle manufacturer or the company producing the part that failed on the truck.

In short, when it comes to truck crashes, multiple parties may hold some form of liability. Click here to read more about which parties these may be, and what legal resources are available to you in truck crash-related cases.

What factors may delay the lawsuit?

A bevy of different factors may delay a collision lawsuit. Oftentimes, the liability not being clearly identified, or there being injuries that have not yet healed can make a difference. Undetermined, medical treatment plans are another common stumbling block, which is why working with a truck accident attorney may help. Settle any issues that may be holding back your case quickly, for no two truck collisions are the same.

Usually, the more extensive the injuries and the greater the damage, the longer the lawsuit. Many cases cannot even end until the victim is fully recovered, and eligible for full compensation.

How long do I have to file a claim for a truck accident?

Depending on the state where you live or where the accident took place, the statute of limitations usually allows victims a full two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. The reason for this is to make sure that the case is resolved while the evidence still exists. Asking witnesses to give accurate testimonies on something that happened years ago is never an easy task too.

When you are working with a truck accident attorney, they will require time to gather all available evidence and put together a strong case for your defense. This means you should contact an attorney as soon as possible after the incident. This will allow them ample time to conduct a thorough investigation into the crash and place the right value on your compensation claim.

How else can a truck collision attorney help you?

After conducting a thorough investigation, your attorney will likely dig into the truck driver’s background and the company that operates the truck to find anything that can strengthen your case. These types of lawyers know precisely how these companies function. Trucking companies typically rely upon commercial insurance policies that are set to protect them against injury or wrongful death claims after a crash. These insurance policies are backed by experienced lawyers that will do their best to deny your claim for coverage for your injuries and losses.

Furthermore, a lawyer may inspect the contents of the black box data on the truck. In it, they may find information on how fast the truck was traveling when the accident took place, how many hours the truck driver had been behind the wheel, and when the last time was that they took a break.

Is there anything you can do to help?

Your main concern after being injured in a truck accident is to get immediate medical attention and focus on recovering. However, it is also essential that you keep a detailed log of all the medical appointments, treatments, therapies, and procedures you have undergone.

Anything pertaining to prescribed pain medications or rehabilitation-related treatment should be recorded as well. Keep a file of all medical bills you have received, those that you have already had to pay, and those that are still pending.

If your injuries have prevented you from going to work, keep a file of the income you have lost during this period. This may include commissions and bonuses you have not earned and promotions you have not received.

The more information you can provide your lawyer, the faster your truck collision claim will progress. That being said, you can expect your case to take anywhere between a couple of months to a full year to get resolved.

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