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Even if you have just bought a brand-new truck, there will always be the risk that a core component will suddenly fail to function. Stuck on the side of the road, with a mass recall on the horizon, and more questions than answers in mind, you stand back and assess your options.

Research shows that the average cost to service and repair an automobile has grown exponentially year over year. Furthermore, only 30% of US car owners have the financial ability to fund the unexpected cost of repairing their vehicle on their own. Those who do not have the funds to cover such expenses, or are not covered under the insurance plan or dealer warranty guarantee are faced with an even tougher scenario.

Fortunately, a personal loan presents a viable solution in these sorts of situations. But knowing what you are signing up for is a crucial first step.

To proceed, you’ll first need to spend some time studying the terms of loan agreements (interest rates, terms, amounts, additional fees, and payments) of various lenders. However, once a lender has been chosen, you can finance your car repairs almost instantly by applying such financing to credit organizations. Here’s how it works…

Online title loans for emergency financing

The first lending option many people consider is Online Title Loans on Compacom. The advantage of an online loan option is that you do not have to look for a lender that suits your needs. Applying for title loans takes only a few minutes, and it can be done with any device with an internet connection, and the loan approval process tends to be very quick. So typically within a day or so you will receive the funds you need to repair your truck or SUV.

Another advantage of online title loans is that you do not have to present any collateral in person to receive the loan. In the case of online lending, the appraiser merely needs a description of the object being used as collateral and a few photos of what is being offered via the electronic online application.

No income verification

Another option for financing your car repair is Car Title Loans with “No Income Verification.”

As a rule, you do not need proof of income to receive this kind of loan. Instead, it requires the borrower to use their vehicle title as collateral to obtain the loan. If the borrower fails to pay off the loan promptly, then his car will most likely be processed and put up for sale by the lender.

In the case of such lending, the risk of the lender is reduced, as they have your title as collateral. They don’t care whether you have a source of income or not. If your credit terms are violated, your debt will be covered by the proceeds from the sale of your car. So if you suddenly find yourself unemployed and in urgent need of auto repair, applying for car title loans with no income verification might be your best bet.

Guaranteed funding of bad credit personal loans

People with low credit scores and/or a bad credit history face a different type of challenge. Fast cash to finance vehicle repairs is still possible if you get bad credit personal loans with guaranteed approval all the way up to $5,000.

In the case of such lending, the lending institution does not conduct a strict check of your credit.

The only thing to remember is that due to the increased credit risk for the lender, interest rates on such loan products are higher than on other types of loans. In this case, you can always repay such a loan ahead of schedule to avoid additional fees.

The big picture

To repair your rig, you can always use a personal loan or a payday loan. The main thing to remember is that you have options at your disposal if you suddenly find yourself in need of additional funding for said repairs. Having a low credit score, bad credit history, or even being temporarily unemployed will not restrict your ability to get that rig back on the road. There’s a lot to know about car title loans, and a lot to beware of as well. So read up and choose a lender carefully.

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