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Is the Nissan Titan dead? Will an EV replace it?

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We’ve been hearing the rumors for a while now. Especially, since Nissan discontinued the Titan in Canada after the 2021 model year. But is the Nissan Titan now dead in the U.S. as well?

According to sources Automotive News managed to dig up, the answer is yes.

The article states Nissan plans to exit the full-size truck market after the 2024 or 2025 model year.

However, no one will go on record saying this is the case. When we reached out to Nissan for a comment, they gave us the same line seen in Automotive News: “Titan is an important part of Nissan’s showroom, and we’ve seen a positive impact from Frontier in driving added awareness and consideration for our full-size truck. Titan remains in Nissan’s truck lineup for the 2022 model year and beyond.”

Why hasn’t the Nissan Titan done well?

There are a lot of theories on why the Nissan Titan has failed to make it. But lack of configurability and durability perception are probably high on the list. The Titan isn’t built a as a work truck with multiple cab and bed configurations – like the Detroit Three trucks are. It simply has a double cab with a standard bed or a crew cab with a short bed option.

Plus, the Titan, with its standard V-8 engine, has traditionally been priced higher than the other full-size trucks in the segment. So, even though it has lowered prices in recent years, Titan still somehow misses the mark for most consumers. This is exemplified by the fact that even though dealer lots are running on E, the Nissan Titan is sitting on the showroom floor for an average of 48.2 days, according to Cox Automotive.

Will there be an EV replacement?

If you read down in the Automotive News story, there’s another interesting tidbit: The Nissan Titan may go away, but an electric truck could be coming.

With the EV segment heating up and electric trucks starting to hit the market, the timing could be right just right for Nissan to introduce its own electric truck. Especially as Nissan is making bold moves in the EV segment with its new Ariya.

As the article points out, electric trucks at this point are more of a lifestyle vehicle. In our book, that means  a new electric Nissan truck – that isn’t a work truck – could play well here.

The bottom line on the Nissan Titan

We have no confirmation on whether the Nissan Titan is dead, but with its dismal sales, the Magic 8 Ball says: “Signs point to yes.”

The more interesting thing to watch will be what replaces it in the Nissan lineup, and we think the Automotive News article is spot on. Nissan has already carved out a nice reputation in the EV space with its Leaf, and adding a smaller (aka Hyundai Santa Cruz-sized) pickup could bear amazing fruit for the automaker.

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