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During kick-off celebration for the F-150 Lightning, CEO Jim Farley made an interesting statement about another fully electric truck coming leading to lots of speculation for an electric Ford Ranger. Here’s what we know.

The Ford Lightning kick-off celebration was at the Rouge Electric vehicle center during which numerous Ford executives talked about the new truck. While CEO Jim Farley was speaking, he said we can will see a different electric Ford truck and that truck will be built at the new BlueOval City facility in Tennessee. This is a multi-billion complex that’s apparently so big it spills into two states: Tennessee and Kentucky.

Electric Ford Ranger?

A different electric truck is a long way from a confirmation of a new Ford Ranger sized battery electric vehicle. However, there are more than just the ambiguous statement from Farley.

First, Farley made a comment last December of a new electric truck on a new platform unrelated to the F-150 Lightning. This means it won’t be a full-size F-150 model.

Second, Ford has stated they don’t have any immediate plans to build a fully electric F-Series Super Duty.

“At the moment, we do not have any plans to go into heavy duty with battery-electric vehicles,” president of Americas and International Markets Group for Ford, Kumar Galhotra said in a forum in November, 2021, per a Detroit Free Press report.

Third, a plug-in version of the Ford Ranger has been spotted testing in Europe and the new truck will partner with VW to underpin a new Amarok.

A VW executive told Australia’s Drive, the company is already looking into an electric version of the Amarok. Ford engineers have also said the new Ranger can accommodate electrification. They said the plan is to have an electric version by 2025.

Why a BEV Ford Ranger?

One of the big issues with electrification in the trucks is the size of the truck. The fact is a full-size truck is easily 2-3 times larger than a full-size truck from 20 years ago and it can be more difficult to park, drive and use in a major city or busy urban environment.

With a smaller truck, you give up some towing ability in exchange for an easier to use truck and one that fits in a standard garage.

The other fact is while the BEV Lightning can tow upwards of 11,000 pounds, it faces a two-fold challenge of how far it can tow with the battery as well as finding pull-through charging stations so you don’t have to unhook the trailer each time you want to charge.

I covered the issue on towing and range with the Rivian R1T towing from California to Michigan and it wasn’t a seamless operation.

The bottom line

Building a smaller truck right sized for the city or busy urban environment with a focus on saving money at the gas pump while keeping the utility only a truck provides is a win-win in my book. A BEV Ranger sized truck is the version that will finally move the needle on electric truck sales.

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  1. Joe May 4, 2022

    Totally agree. The convenience of driving and parking a smaller truck make this a no brainer. Thank you for this article.


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