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2023 GMC Canyon AT4X is coming; here’s what to expect


A teaser image released today shows a new 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X is on the way. While shortages hamper the automotive industry, it still needs to move forward with new product, and the Canyon AT4X is an easy addition to the midsize pickup. Plus, it is aimed squarely at the hot off-road market.

Here is what you need to know.

Recap of the AT4

Let’s start with the GMC Canyon AT4, which is a more off-road focused version of the midsize Canyon.

A good synopsis of the Canyon AT4 is found in the graphic below provided by GMC.

What would a Canyon AT4X be like?

In simple terms, take all the above and raise it to another level. You can expect it to receive a similar treatment the Sierra 1500 AT4X will be getting with a new bumper, unique fascia, new suspension changes and unique exterior badging.

Inside, there will be a lot more luxury. It will have more premium materials, and hopefully, we’ll see the updated dash layout found in the full-size trucks.

There could also be a lot of new technology with things like GM’s semi-autonomous Super Cruise being part of the package as well.

For powertrain, it should be offered in both gas and a diesel like the Colorado ZR2, and it should be a riot out on the trails.

Pricing will certainly be going higher, and this midsize pickup will likely start at around $45k. It could easily reach the mid-$50ks with options and dealer add ons.

GMC Canyon AT4X

The bottom line on the Canyon AT4X

While we won’t have all the official details until they are this summer, this truck will certainly get some attention from off-roaders and GMC fans alike. There will also be a lot of ongoing arguments over spending this kind of money for a midsize truck when you can get more, literally, in a full-size truck.

Except, full-size trucks aren’t always the best choice for trails with their wider stance and longer wheelbase. This midsize Canyon should be a nice addition to the GMC lineup.

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