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Ford F-150 Lightning range released, bests Rivian R1T not GMC Hummer EV


Official numbers are out for the Ford F-150 Lightning range, and it is going to be going just a bit further than expected. In fact, it will best the Rivian R1T but fall short of the GMC Hummer EV.

Ford announced its official numbers after leaks began circulating on forums. The F-150 Lighting range is pretty much spot on what Ford first said, although there are some surprise increases in some models.

Ford F-150 Lightning range

The Ford F-150 Lightning range sees a 20 mile improvement in a variety of trims. EPA confirmed these ranges after reviewing the truck. These are estimated ranges, and real-world range will vary on usage.

Here are the official details:

Targeted EPA-estimated RangeFinal EPA-estimated Range
F-150 Lightning Pro SR: 230 milesF-150 Lightning Pro SR: 230 miles
F-150 Lightning Pro ER (Fleet only): 300 milesF-150 Lightning Pro ER (Fleet only): 320 miles
F-150 Lightning XLT SR: 230 milesF-150 Lightning XLT SR: 230 miles
F-150 Lightning XLT ER: 300 milesF-150 Lightning XLT ER: 320 miles
F-150 Lightning Lariat SR: 230 milesF-150 Lightning Lariat SR: 230 miles
F-150 Lightning Lariat ER: 300 milesF-150 Lightning Lariat ER: 320 miles
F-150 Lightning Platinum: 280 milesF-150 Lightning Platinum: 300 miles

Overall, the F-150 Lightning will come with ranges of 230, 300 or 320 miles depending on the model and size of the battery pack.

The Pro trims of the truck are for fleet customers, and they can opt to purchase the extended-range package.

Better than Rivian R1T, lags behind GMC Hummer EV

The top range estimate of 320 miles puts it at 6 miles more than the Rivian R1T, which has a larger, optional battery pack on the horizon promising 400 miles of range.

The GMC Hummer EV, however, beats the F-150 Lighting by 9 miles with its estimated mileage of 329 miles. But it’s worth noting, that number hasn’t been EPA-certified as of yet.

A Tesla Cybertruck could beat all of these trucks, and it appears the Chevy Silverado EV will beat them all with its estimated 400 miles of range.

What’s the price?

Ford will offer the F-150 Lightning to fleet buyers with a $40k price tag, and the price will go all the way to $90k for the top trim level.

However, as we discovered, the price jump from 230 miles to 300 miles is quite severe and the prices are constantly changing.

Also, prices could climb higher with the raw materials of batteries skyrocketing with the war in Ukraine and the rise of demand. For example, ChargedEVs.com reports the price of lithium, a key component of batteries, has more than doubled since the end of 2021.

The bottom line on the Ford F-150 Lightning range

More range is never a bad thing, and the race to be competitive in the electric truck space is heating up. Also heating up: Prices on new trucks, raw materials and gas. Consumers will soon have more choices between gas and electric, and the rising costs of everything are going to make the choice much more difficult.

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