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ICYMI: You can no longer pre-order a Ford F-150 Lightning

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To rabid enthusiasts, the fact the books on reservations for the upcoming all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning have closed is a “duh” moment. But for everyone else, it’s worth noting reservations closed yesterday.

So, if you were thinking of plunking down a $100 deposit and adding your name to the list, you missed it. But that doesn’t mean you missed it, missed it.

According to its consumer website, Ford Motor Co. closed the reservation system so it can start accepting actual orders. But, (again, this is a duh) those who got their reservations in will be the first to place an order for the truck when the order banks open in January 2022.

When will the F-150 Lightning deliveries start?

While we don’t have a specific date, the Ford website says “spring 2022.” Since pre-production models have already started rolling off the line, this bodes well for the anticipated timing. Thus, we could see the first deliveries anywhere from late March to early June.

However, considering recent production issues from Ford, we anticipate this will be closer to June than March.

How many will be produced for 2022?

The short answer is: We have no idea. However, in a recent Automotive News article, Ford CEO Jim Farley said they were initially planning around 20k units a year, but that was nowhere near the 160k units that have been reserved. So, Farley vaguely said they settled on “something far north of 20k” – but it also won’t be 160k.

So, short story longer: It’s not likely everyone who reserved one will get one in the first model year.

The bottom line on F-150 Lightning pre-orders

Demand for a new product is exciting – especially when it’s for an all-electric truck from a traditional American automaker. So, we’re not surprised the reservation books are closed or that demand will likely exceed supply. We just hope Ford continues to feed the excitement and carries through on the promise of more exciting truck news.

Oh, and that aforementioned Automotive News article dropped an interesting teaser – apparently there’s a brand-new full-size truck platform in the works, and it will build a vehicle Ford doesn’t currently have. Is it a plug-in hybrid F-150? What about an all-electric HD truck?

We’re digging into this story, so stay tuned.

What would you want to see Ford build in the electrified truck world that it doesn’t already have?

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