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Ford offers augmented reality tour of 2022 F-150 Lightning


More than 160k retail reservations have been placed for the 2022 F-150 Lightning, and pre-production versions of the Lightning have already rolled off the assembly line. That’s a big number for Ford Motor Company’s first-ever all-electric pickup truck. With that comes consumers who are not only curious about EVs but also uncertain about the F-150 Lightning.

So, Ford is partnering with Google for an immersive 3D and augmented reality (AR) experience to help familiarize potential customers learn about various features and elements of the F-150 Lightning. The program is aptly named “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere.”

In this case, it’s okay if Lightning strikes as the program offers 13 short animations meant to inform customers about the truck’s features and functions as well as some of the talking points like the mega power frunk (front trunk), battery range, interior connectivity, smart bed and towing capabilities, convenient charging solutions on the road and at home.

The Strike Anywhere program goes beyond the superficial and can also assist customers with selecting their favorite color and choosing a trim package. Through Google’s AR technology customers can see the F-150 Lightning they choose (color and trim) and place it in their driveway, garage or work site.

Who are the F-150 Lightning customers?

Ford continues to increase the number of reservations each month, but just who are these customers? Are they the typical pickup truck buyer? How many of them would play around on their phone to create an augmented reality truck?

Thanks to a survey Ford sent out this past summer, we know more about the demographics of those 160k Lighting reservation holders.

Results indicate F-150 Lightning is attracting those who will be first-time electric vehicle owners, as well as first-time Ford brand customers:

  • 79% say F-150 Lightning will be the first battery-electric vehicle in their household
  • 71% of retail reservationists surveyed say they would tow/haul at least once a month
  • More than half – 56% – say F-150 Lightning will be their first time ever owning a Ford vehicle
  • California, Texas and Florida have the highest number of reservations per state

The bottom line on F-150 Lightning

Ford Motor Company stock (NYSE: F) has finally moved up more than $20 a share after several years of under performing. It’s programs like this Strike Anywhere that play a small part. Today’s consumers want technology. And yes, even the average pickup truck buyer doesn’t mind some cool tech and gadgets.

So, kudos to Ford for partnering with Google (the clear technology leader) and getting out in front on the Lightning and giving uncertain customers a chance to visualize the truck — even if it’s only in augmented reality. For now.

F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Customers can also experience it on Ford.com, as well as on social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit.

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Jimmy Dinsmore

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