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First GMC Hummer EV rolls off the assembly line


As the first 2022 GMC Hummer EV rolled off the assembly line at at Factory ZERO, this all-electric supertruck is now available for deliveries. VIN001 of the GMC Hummer EV will be the first of many Ultium-based consumer vehicles to be produced as part of General Motors’ vision for an all-electric future.

“We brought this truck to market with speed and agility and brought GM another step closer to an all-electric future,” said GM President Mark Reuss. “With our Ultium Platform as the foundation for a broad range of applications, the GMC HUMMER EV offers our customers the ultimate in capability and performance.”

GMC Hummer EV: CrabWalk, but so much more

Without a doubt one of the coolest features on the Hummer EV is the CrabWalk feature. This first-of-its-kind feature for GM allows the rear wheels and front wheels to steer at the same angle at low speeds, enabling diagonal movement of the vehicle, for even greater maneuverability on challenging terrain.

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 also has a unique Interstellar White exterior and Lunar Horizon interior. The horsepower and torque, as measured by GM is a mind-blowing 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. Wow!

Other features for the 2022 Hummer EV Edition 1 include:

  • Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode  enables the suspension height to be raised approximately 6 inches  to help the GMC HUMMER EV negotiate extreme off-road situations such as clearing boulders or fording water.
  • Watts to Freedom – a driver-selectable experience that unleashes the full acceleration capability of the EV propulsion system, including GM-estimated 0-60-mph performance in approximately 3 seconds.
  • Super Cruise – a driver-assistance feature offering hands-free driving on more than 200,000 miles of enabled roads, and a new automatic lane changing feature, where the system can determine when a lane change is optimal and initiate the maneuver while following signaling protocols.

VIN001 already sold

If you wanted to get your hands on VIN001 of this truck you’re out of luck. As VIN001 sold at Barrett-Jackson in March of this year for a whopping $2.5 million. The proceeds from the sale went to a good cause. The $2.5 million was donated to Tunnel To Towers Foundation, an organization established to honor the memory of Sept. 11 first responder Stephen Siller. The foundation builds mortgage-free, accessible smart homes for the most catastrophically injured veterans and provides mortgage-free homes for Gold Star families and the families of first responders killed in the line of duty. More information is available at www.tunnel2towers.org.

How much does the GMC Hummer EV cost?

It’s not $2.5 million, but it’s not inexpensive either. The GMC Hummer EV has a starting MSRP of $110,295. Though reservations for Edition 1 models are sold out, reservations for available models are currently accepted at GMC.com/HummerEV.

Deliveries of orders will begin now as the all-electric supertruck is now officially in production.

The bottom line on Hummer EV

The future is electric as much as people may grouse about it. The once gas-guzzling Hummer is now an electric vehicle, and a pretty bad ass one at that. I can’t wait to drive this truck and see the CrabWalk in person.

Between the Hummer EV and the Ford F-150 Lightning, 2022 is going to be quite an electrifying and important year in the industry.

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